Moving to Argentina from the USA

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Moving to Argentina from the USA

Argentina seems to offer many exciting opportunities for expats. So moving to Argentina from the USA will be a life-changing adventure, especially if you’re not new to the culture, employment market, laws, and visa regulations. 

Whether you are moving to Buenos Aires or any other city, SDC International Shipping has the resources to plan and implement your relocation. If you are unsure what to pack, we can help you with packing services. Also, if you need to ship a car overseas, we’ve got you covered. 

Get a shipping quote by choosing in the selection field what you are moving and the destination city in Argentina. 

Moving to Argentina with SDC

SDC International Shipping has over ten years of experience moving to Argentina from the USA. We operate from major US ports and have warehouses across the USA, making relocation easy and affordable. Check out the steps below for moving to Argentina with SDC. 

  • A shipping quote for household goods
  • A shipping quote for a vehicle
  • SDC packing solutions and storage services 
  • Delivering goods to your destination
  • Assistance with importing goods

Shipping Quote for Household Goods

The first step in the international move is estimating the shipping price based on the size of your items. Each move is unique, so our logistics agents will give you a quote based on the shipping method, transportation mode, and additional services you select. Even without getting into details, you can gain a better understanding of the approximate shipping rate by filling out our online quote. 

Shipping Quote for a Vehicle

In the same vein, many factors will count when shipping a car to Argentina. Our logistics experts will create a custom quote depending on the type of motor vehicle you are sending and the transportation method. For example, shipping in a container is more expensive than shipping on a RORO vessel

SDC Packing and Storage Services 

One of the decisive things in your international move is the correct way to pack your household goods. Fragile items are especially vulnerable to damage during ocean freight, and that’s where the packing steps out. You can do your own wrapping, but the best decision will be to hire professional packers for shipping to Argentina.

SDC has warehouses across the US if you need to keep your stuff in storage before we get it shipped. Make sure to discuss this with one of our representatives. 

Delivering Goods to Destination 

The main destination ports in Argentina for household goods are the Port of Buenos Aires and the Port of Rosario. We offer door-to-door deliveries to Argentina, meaning we can get your shipping container right to your doorsteps. 

Assistance with Importing Goods

All personal belongings arriving at the port in Argentina go through customs clearance. It’s vital that you have all the proper documentation to streamline the import process. As your shipping company, we’ll help you prepare the necessary paperwork. 

Also, you may find this helpful guide on the international customs regulations. For more information about customs forms and visa requirements, visit the Argentina Embassy.   

Popular Moving Destinations to Argentina for Expats 

Argentina is a fantastic spot for expats who are looking into moving overseas. A number one choice for foreigners to live in this country is the capital, Buenos Aires. If you love to be where the action is, that’s the place to move in. Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, and Salta are also very popular among US expats. 

Things to Know Before Moving to Argentina from the USA

  • The population of Argentina is about 44 million. 
  • More than a third of Argentina’s inhabitants live in Buenos Aires. 
  • Europeans, mostly of Spanish and Italian origin, comprise 97%.
  • Argentina is one of the most developed countries in South America.
  • It’s a member of the G-20, the UN, WTO, and the World Bank.
  • Argentina’s currency is the peso, and the spoken language is Spanish.
  • English is also very widespread. 
  • The country is known for its tango culture. 
  • Argentinians are very warm and friendly. 
  • It boasts one of the best wineries.  
  • The cost of living in Argentina is cheaper than in the USA. 
  • The country has a culture of an afternoon siesta. 
  • The most popular types of visas are Work Visa, Investment Visa, and Pensioner Visa.

More Argentina Moving Services: 

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Moving to Argentina from the USA

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