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International Moving to Argentina

Is your family moving to Argentina? SDC International Shipping is a company of International Movers to Argentina, with expertise at transferring entire residencies to Argentina.

International Moving Company to Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful and widely varied country. It is one of the largest countries in the world by landmass, but over a third of the country’s population lives in Buenos Aires and its suburbs. It is little surprising that this is the destination for most of our clients, but we can send your household to locations throughout the country like Cordoba and Mendoza.

Life in Argentina can be very pleasant, and it is unsurprising that many Argentines living in the USA decide to move back there with their families. They love their asado and football, wine and good times. The free universal education and health care make the country an attractive choice.

International Moving to Argentina

International Household Moving to Argentina

If your family has decided to relocate to Argentina from the USA, you should contact the experts at SDC International Shipping. There are many complicated logistic issues, depending upon the exact details of your move, and SDC International Shipping will help deal with them. We have moved many families like yours to Argentina and will help you get around the pitfalls of the move.

To get your household goods and personal affects to Argentina undamaged, we recommend using SDC International Shipping’s packing service. The packing service will make everything far easier for you. All packing and packaging materials will be provided to you. The only thing you need to worry about is scheduling a time when our movers can come. It is helpful if you supervise the creation of the shipping inventory.

What things should you be bringing to Argentina? While some things will depend upon which of Argentina’s various regions you will be moving, for almost all locations you will want to take most of what you own. First on your packing list should be your furniture. Start with dining room and bedroom furniture, as these are the most critical. If you are moving to a much smaller dwelling, think about downsizing early. If you will be living in a climate radically different than where you live now, think about buying appropriate clothing before leaving the country. Remember that the seasons in Argentina are reversed from those in the USA, so if you are moving in the summer like most of our residential clients, be sure to send your summer clothes in your shipment and bring your winter clothes in your suitcases.

What else should you bring with you? If you love playing American sports like baseball or basketball, bring equipment with you. While these sports exist in Argentina, they are nowhere near as prevalent as they are in America, so send whatever equipment you might want. Argentinians love both playing and watching football, but if you want to throw the old pigskin around, you will be best off sending them.

If you enjoy skiing, you have probably already visited one of the legendary Patagonia resorts. If not, look forward to spending your winters in the beautiful Andes in many locations. You will want to be sending any ski and other winter equipment you own to your new home.

International Car Shipping to Argentina

You are permitted to send a car to Argentina, but they do not enjoy the same tax exemption as the rest of your household goods. Each adult is entitled to the import of both a motorcycle and a car, but the taxes are substantial. For cars, the cost is 80% of the price of the car and shipping costs, for motorcycles this 110%. Check the prices of the motor vehicles in Argentina, and see if it is more than twice the price of the car in the USA, and you will know if you should send it or not. It will probably make the most sense for you to send a used car. Do the math, check out the cost of a year old car in the USA to a year old car in Argentina. Cars must be owned by the sender for at least 3 months prior to shipping.

You should not send auto parts to Argentina in your shipment.

Argentinian Customs and Regulations

You should have lived outside of Argentina for at two years or more to be eligible for the tax free import of household goods and personal affects,. If you have used this privilege already within the past 7 years, you will not be eligible for the tax holiday.

When you arrive in Argentina, you will need to declare your intention to receive a shipment. You can receive your shipment up to six months after your entrance to Argentina. You need to be physically present in Argentina when your shipment arrives.

You can find updated information about taxes, liabilities and exemptions at the AFIP (Argentina customs) website.

Any official documents or certificates that you intend on using at Argentinian government offices should be translated into Spanish.

Do not put any cash in your shipment.

You can send a kayak, but you are not permitted to send motorized vehicles like a jet ski, or a small boat for instance.

Moving to Argentina Checklist

There are several things that you will need to do before moving to Argentina:

  • Speak with SDC International Shipping. If necessary, we can send someone to your location for a visual estimate. This isn’t always necessary, but if you are unsure of shipment size it can be very helpful.
  • If you are not a citizen of Argentina, please make sure that you have permanent residence visa or migration certificate before you contact SDC International Shipping. If you are a Argentinian citizen, make sure that you have your Código Único de Identificación Laboral, or CUIL.
  • Do you speak Spanish? If not, please start learning now. There are many places in the USA where it is easy to learn Spanish. This is an absolute necessity in Argentina.
  • If you are a returning citizen and have had any family changes like marriage, divorce or children born make sure that you have registered them at the Argentinian consulate.
  • Have you verified that you have access to your American funds when you will be living in Argentina? If you plan on maintaining an American bank account, ask your bank what is necessary for you to do in order to access your account. Test this if possible on a trip to Argentina.
  • Start planning how to downsize if necessary. If you will be moving into something much smaller than you live in now, get rid of furniture not moving with you.

International Shipping Options to Argentina

Shipments to Argentina require about 5 – 9 weeks’ time for door to door service for full container loads (FCL). Less than full container load shipments (LCL) usually require another two weeks.

You have up to six months from the date of your arrival in Argentina to receive your shipment.

An additional option that SDC International Shipping offers is storage. This might be convenient if you aren’t planning on travelling straight to Argentina or if you haven’t yet found a place to live. When you speak with your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist ask about the timing for your move. If you require storage, we are happy to offer the first month complementary to our relocation clients.

If your shipment is small, we will help you decide between air shipments and an LCL shipment. In general you should only send things that are urgent via air, as it costs much more to send. LCL shipments are great if you are sending to the Buenos Aires area, but for other areas it can take some time.

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