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International Moving Services

Published on Jul 31, 2019 by Kfir Cohen

Suppose you have decided to move overseas, leaving the United States for destinations abroad. In that case, there is a large variety of international moving services that you should expect to receive from the company you have chosen to partner with to move your household across the ocean.

SDC International Shipping is an experienced international relocation service provider. We started as a small regional sub-contractor for global moving companies operating in Southern California. SDC has grown to be a full-service provider of international relocation services, licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to export residential and commercial cargo to the United States.

International Moving Services Provided by SDC International Shipping

Most people move overseas only once or twice in their lives. It is pretty understandable the confusion about international moving services. The Internet is full of wrong or misleading information about how to move abroad.

An international relocation has many stages: contracting movers at the origin, trucks and drivers and containers, customs agents, port operations specialists, shipping lines, cargo insurance, destination customs clearance agents, inspections, delivery movers, trucking, and more. Sometimes there are also transfers to or from inland ports. Warehouse storage of cargo is occasionally necessary before or after a move. There are also additional steps needed for a vehicle as cargo.

There are the added steps of consolidation at the port of origination and deconsolidation at the entry point for smaller shipments known as LCL (Less than Full Container Load). When you send a vehicle, you will have to sort out title clearance and car transport. There are no companies capable of completing all of these tasks. The most competent companies, like SDC International Shipping, carry out most of these services themselves. We have our crews that will pack and load your belongings and prepare them for moving. We also have our warehouses in the most prominent destinations like in Europe, where we will supervise your cargo.

International Moving Services

SDC International Shipping’s white-glove service includes the complete packing of your household. All you need to do is order the service and make sure that our moving vans have a place to park in front of your home. We will not only pack up all of your belongings, but we will also provide all of the packaging materials.

Critically, these materials must conform to international shipping standards. These include the cartons, the wrappings for furniture, the padding materials, and the wood used for crating. These must meet strict regulations concerning construction and pesticides because people treat them with toxic humidity protection chemicals. These are commonly used for construction or domestic shipping but are not appropriate for international shipment.

The white-glove service also includes unique packaging materials like cartons for bicycles. Framed art and mirrors also get special boxes. The packers know how to take full advantage of the room in your container. Our movers will disassemble your large furniture pieces, both to conserve space in your container and to protect the furniture pieces and prevent damage to them during shipping. We will transfer your belongings to moving vans before delivery.

We can ship vehicles in your container. SDC International Shipping’s logistics experts will work with you to arrange for the most effective manner to send your car or motorcycle. Most sedans, SUV’s and light pickup trucks can fit into a sea shipping container. Sometimes it will be advisable to get a larger container. Our moving crews will prepare the vehicles for shipment, emptying them of all liquids, disconnecting the battery, loading them onto the container, and securing them. If you are sending a motorcycle, it will be placed in a crate to secure it, as motorcycles are less stable than cars. When we send your vehicle into your container, it will be the last thing placed into it; this means we can easily remove the vehicle at the destination port to deliver to licensing and inspection facilities.

You can send full-sized pickups and larger pickups using a different service known as RO-RO for roll-on roll-off. We place the vehicles in unique vessels, similar to how car manufacturers export their cars from one country to another.

Which International Moving Services an International Moving Company Should Supply?

For lack of a more accurate comparison, think about a travel agency. A travel agent can help you arrange a vacation, including flights, hotels, and maybe a rental car. When you arrive at your travel destination, you might ask for the help of the hotel concierge for arranging things like special activities or restaurant reservations.

International relocation is far more complicated than a vacation. Moving your personal belongings from the United States to your new home on a different continent is an intricate process that necessitates hard-won logistics competencies. SDC International Shipping is a company of experts at all stages of international moving logistics, commonly known and defined by the Federal Maritime Commission as an International Freight Forwarder.

An international moving company should be, at its heart, a logistics company. There are many steps and sets of hands necessary to go through to get your personal belongings from one country to another. When you are trying to choose an international moving company, you will want to select the one that provides all of the logistics services necessary for your move.

Just like a hotel concierge, there are certain services best provided at the location. Some countries even recommend or offer concierge services to help new immigrants. For instance, there is a New Zealand newcomers website.  Quebec provides a similar service to immigrants.

Services not provided by SDC International Shipping

Before you do anything, you need to legally ensure that you have the necessary permissions to settle in your destination country. Usually, but not always, you will have to visit the destination country’s consulate to be personally interviewed before visas are issued. Many countries will demand that those moving already have employment and that their employer be a part of the immigration request.

There are many services best provided by local concierge services companies. These services are typically administrative, regional, and done by locals. Included amongst these services are:

  • Assistance in finding a home
  • Arranging for an official ID number and certificate
  • Setting up the local social security equivalent
  • Making education arrangements for children
  • Getting health insurance, bank accounts, and credit cards set up
  • Assistance in applying for employment permits
  • Rental of furniture
  • Translation of essential documents including health records, police reports of good conduct, professional credentials, educational certificates
  • Finding your courses to learn the local language

There are, of course, many more services that we can provide. Each location will have its unique necessities. If you are a returning citizen of the country you are moving to, some of these things might be superfluous. Still, you should not overlook if you are returning with children or a spouse who did not previously live in the destination country.

We always recommend that our clients travel to their destination before the actual relocation, even if they are citizens and familiar with the country. You need to arrange some of these things well ahead of time. If you have family close by, they can help with many of these tasks.

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