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International Moving Costs – How Much Does it Cost to Move Internationally

Published on Jul 20, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

If, for some reason, you have to temporarily or permanently relocate abroad, you would have taken some vital factors into account. For example, you have probably thought of how you and your family can quickly acclimatize to the culture and societal norms and customs, the general weather, and the climate at your destination.

However, have you considered the financial cost of moving there? Don’t worry, here is everything you need to consider when moving abroad.

What’s on this page?

01 | Moving furniture and belongings
02 | Insurance and storage
03 | Visa fees and custom duty
04 | Packing and Unpacking
05 | Housing cost
06 | Cost of living in your destination country
07 | How can I move internationally cheaply?
08 | How hard is it to move internationally?
09 | How long does it take to move internationally?
10 | International Moving Services Costs Best Avoided

Moving furniture and belongings

When moving abroad, sending your furniture and belongings is one of the most crucial aspects to undertake. It can be stressful and time-consuming when you don’t know where to start.

However, it is advisable to employ the services of an international removal specialist for this process—research on the removal specialists available to you concerning the countries involved.

Determining the cost of moving your furniture and belongings depends on several things. 

Furniture Size

How big are the things you are moving? Are you moving everything in your house? Or just a section of the house. It could be a room or a couple of rooms. The size of the items you move impacts the cost.

Travel Distance

How far is your destination from where you are? It is a given that the longer the distance, the more expensive the cost. Furthermore, the route on which your belongings traverse affects the pricing of the moving of your belongings. Therefore, a short and standard course will be less expensive than a more extended and uncommon route.

Transportation Method

Using an airfreight or sea ship affects the cost of moving your belongings. Transport by air is more expensive, and though much faster, it is wise to consider whether you really need it. Explore planning your journey to fit a slower method to reduce cost.

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Insurance and storage

When transporting your belongings, it is good to have them insured. It helps you if anything happens to your goods during transport. Also, paying for storage of these belongings may be necessary if you would not have access to them immediately. All these incur costs and must be considered. Furthermore, each country has different kinds of insurance requirements you must follow.

Research on the cost of insurances for health, life, vehicle, etc., you need to be covered for in your country. If you are with a family, each one of them will likely have to be covered too. Some packages allow a group of people, like a family, to be covered at a discounted price. You should explore such discounted packages. Find out insurance companies and their individual quotes for the country of your destination to be well prepared. 

Visa fees and custom duty

It is imperative to consider visa costs when traveling abroad. Most countries have different visas for other purposes, such as education, work, or tourism. It applies to most countries in Europe and North America. So, for instance, going for schooling purposes, you will need a student visa. For work, you will need a work visa. These different types of visas have varying costs.

It’s also worth noting that extra expenses come with securing a visa apart from the price itself. You must consider your transport expenses for interview sessions too. In effect, you must pay attention to all these aspects in securing your visa.

Packing and Unpacking

Some people prefer to pack themselves to reduce expenses. Still, it all depends on you. If you are willing to go through all necessary customs processes for each box and the time you took to complete each check. Hiring a professional packing company will most likely save you all the hassle you would have encountered if it was to be done by yourself.

However, service fees will be charged for all those processes earlier mentioned. You would also have to include the customs duties and taxes. When budgeting, you must consider all these costs. 

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Housing cost

At another juncture, you must budget for a residency. How would you want your accommodation plan? Are you single, going as a couple or a family? Apartment costs will therefore vary based on the number of people hiring a room. Also, the location of your rental affects the price of accommodation. Usually, if staying temporarily, it will be advisable to rent an apartment.

However, for a permanent stay, buying a house can be taken into account. Outright buying of an abode will be costly if mortgaging options are available in your destination country, which you could also explore. Though expensive than renting an apartment, it is better than buying a house on average. Try and sort out accommodation issues as early as possible, even before you travel.

You would typically pay advance payment to the landlord if you are renting, so you need to be budget for all these costs. If your finances allow you to buy a house, payment for the home must be factored into your costs for moving to your new destination.

Cost of living in your destination country

When moving abroad, you must be sure that your new job, savings, or pension funds, is enough to cover the cost of living in your new destination. You should do ample research on the best communities to reside in that will favor your accounts. It is essential to calculate the average taxes and living costs you will spend in your new place.

It is a commendable exercise you must undertake to be sure you will comfortably make a living there. You will also have to keep in mind the currency conversion rate compared to your local currency or an internationally recognized one such as the US Dollar. For instance, according to Numbeo, In Norway, the cost of having a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is 180kr (20 USD). 

Basic utilities per month cost about 1,678kr (190 USD). 

The average rent per month is 10,000kr (1128 USD) for a 1bedroom apartment in the City Centre and 8,000kr (900 USD) outside one. The average salary in Norway is about 30,000kr (3,382 USD). Therefore, it should educate you on whether the cost of living there will be sustainable for you.

How can I move internationally cheaply?

One of the factors to move internationally cheap is to take your time and use the slowest but efficient means of transport. For example, use sea freight over air freight. Compare shipping prices and select the competitive ones. Buy flight tickets also the best times to take advantage of discounts. Finally plan well, to avoid making costly mistakes.

How hard is it to move internationally?

Moving abroad is quite tricky because of the many obstacles such as acquiring a visa, getting a job, packing and moving belongings, and acclimatizing to new cultures and environments.

How long does it take to move internationally?

It depends mainly on many factors such as the mode of transport of your belongings and furniture. Sea freight usually takes a lot of time. Working with a removals firm could also impact the length of your moving since they will do things quicker than if you did it alone. 

International Moving Services Costs Best Avoided

People moving to new countries often have a lot of understandable anxiety. There are services available that SDC International Shipping feels are best done yourself or once you settle into your new home. These services include personal services to help you find a place to live, a job, schools for your kids, rental furniture, etc.

Other services include helping you with administrative tasks like getting a local ID number or the local equivalent of a social security number, getting you set up with a bank and credit cards, local health insurance coverage, translations, and other necessary tasks.

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