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International Moving Options

International shipping and moving made easy. SDC International Shipping is an international shipping company that provides all the affordable international moving options.

International Moving Options

There are several international moving options available to you when you contract SDC International Shipping as your international relocation service. There are advantages to each of them. These advantages need to be carefully weighed. Sometimes things that appear to be more affordable end up being costlier in the end.

Listed below are the major options, though there are nuances and slight changes to some destinations.

White Glove Service

White Glove Service is available to SDC International Shipping clients who have needs that go beyond simple packing. Packing does not include handyman services, or any kind of plumbing, electrician and other services. If you have any special pieces, such as a kitchen cabinets or special bathroom fittings, these require that we send specialist out together with our movers. If you want to send a chandelier to your new home, it can be done.

If you have any particularly valuable items, items of unusual shape or size, or items that are especially fragile, it makes sense for us to build custom crates for them. Sometimes we will add extra padding, etc. to these things while crating them. This is also necessary for some furniture items.

If you are interested in white glove service, please ask your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist to have an in house survey done. We will send someone by to examine the pieces that you want to send. Please note that not all fixtures can be effectively moved, but we will do our best to meet your wishes.

International Moving Options: Door to Door Service

When you order door to door service, you can choose one of two international moving options: self packing by you, and using the packing service by our professional movers.

If you choose to let our professionals pack for you, you will be saving you and your family tremendous amounts of time and trouble. Best to leave the professional work to the professionals while you concentrate on more important things like taking leave of your family and friends, learn a new language, make sur all of your things are in order for leaving the country, etc. SDC International Shipping has full time movers who have moved hundreds of people before you, and know the proper way to pack your things.

International Moving Options

With packing service, almost everything you need will be provided to you by our movers. We will bring along all of the necessary packing materials, including cartons of special dimensions and special fitted for things like dish packs, wardrobes, framed art and mirrors, bicycles, etc. Any appliances and furniture that you are sending across the seas will be prepared for shipping. You need to do very little preparation, our packers do almost all of the work. All you need to do is decide what goes and what stays. Our movers will do all the rest.

Packed by owner is a good option for those on a tight budget, but you will have to keep some things in mind. The first thing that you need to be aware of is the need for using proper packaging materials. You need to use only new cartons that are appropriate for international shipping. Also wood has to be appropriate. Wood used for crating has to be the right type for international maritime shipping, and it isn’t typically available at the local do it yourself home center. It is also tempting to take advantage of readily available pallets, those too will not be able to be put on a boat. Wood packaging requires a fumigation certificate. SDC International Shipping, of course, uses only approved and appropriate shipping materials. Common island nation destinations like New Zeeland and Australia will inspect every container to make sure that only approved materials are used. If possible, try using plastic crating materials, for instance quality plastic pallets are easy to find. Please buy new ones.

Whether or not we pack for you, it is a good idea to have our movers load your container if you are sending a full container load of FCL. If you are sending an less than full container load or LCL, we usually put your things in moving vans and palletize them at our warehouse prior to shipping. When loading your belongings, our movers create an inventory of the items that you are sending. This is a very important document, as it will later be attached to your destination country’s customs forms.

Self-loading is problematic. Our movers will know how to properly store things in your container. Furniture that is not properly disassembled, protected and secured in the container is liable to be both damaged and cause damage to your belongings. Also you will have to make your own shipping inventory. If you do this, please make sure to be as specific as possible and to list boxes with similar items consecutively.

One more thing that needs to be considered is that the container that will send your belongings overseas is sitting on the chassis of a truck,

One other issue of importance to note is that you can only purchase insurance against damage to your cargo if professional movers pack and load your shipment. You will still be able to insure your shipment against total loss, but not against damage.

Door to door service and all of our other door delivery options include customs clearance, delivery, unloading at your destination, placement of boxes and furniture in your room of choice, and the collection and disposal of any packing materials while the movers are still at the destination. Any furniture that was disassembled in the United States will be reassembled when our movers deliver them.

Storage or Warehouse to Door Service

We have many clients who store their cargo in our warehouses in the United States before shipping to their destination country. There are many good reasons to do this. Our warehouses are state of the art, secure and climate controlled. Your things will be protected for as long as you require, and in case you decide not to send your things, we can hold on to them until you come back to the United States. Some clients move abroad before they know the exact address where they will be living. They don’t know if they will want all of their things, or will prefer to leave some in the United States.

This method is also convenient to many of our clients who want to send automobiles, motorcycles or other vehicles abroad. Those sending boats, for instance, usually find it more convenient to drop off the boats on their trailers at our warehouse, and we will deliver them to the port according to the shipping schedule. For those shipping motorcycles, crating is recommended. If you are sending a full container load, the motorcycle is best sent with in it. However, if you are sending an LCL shipment, or just sending your motorcycle, it will save you a lot of money dropping off your motorcycle at our warehouse. Also, if you are sending your motorcycle to most locations in Europe, the most affordable method is usually sending it using our groupage consolidation method. Ask your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist about this method if you are sending only a motorcycle.

International Moving Options: Port to Door Service

Port to door service is an affordable option for our clients working on a strict budget. It is usually used by those who are sending LCL shipments. We offer door pick up service for LCL shipments starting at 100 cubic feet of cargo volume. Occasionally we have clients who need to send less than this amount or want to save a little bit of money. These are often times students who have been studying in the United States sending some things before they go back home.

If you choose this service, you will take your cargo to the port by yourself. Please do not put a pallet together yourself, this will be done at the port facility. As we said above, you will not find appropriate pallets yourself, so just deliver boxes. Also, make sure that you buy new cartons. Used cartons are not appropriate for international shipping. You will likely have to repack anything you have previously prepared and pay for new shipping materials.

Door to Port Service

Door to port service is where our movers come to your address in the United States, load your cargo, and send it to a destination port. When our movers come to load your cargo, they will produce a detailed inventory of your cargo. This is a very important document, as you will always need it upon import at your destination. Usually this inventory is appended to some sort of local customs declaration form. In some destinations you will have to translate this list into the local language, but not often.

In addition to loading your boxes, our movers will also prepare any furniture that you have chosen to send, just like with door to door service. Tables will have their legs or stands removed, and bedroom furniture is disassembled before being placed upon moving vans or shipping containers. Each of the individual parts is then wrapped with appropriate packaging materials including furniture wrap, carton sheets, cloth blankets, bubble wrap. This both protects your furniture and saves you cargo space.

When you send something to a port, whether it would be using door to port service, warehouse to port service, or port to port service, our job will end when your cargo is placed upon a boat (or air plane). Clearing your cargo through customs will be the client’s responsibility.

We caution against using “to port” options. They should only be used by experienced business clients who have already gone through the process of sending cargo to their destination port many times. You will have to have appointed your own customs clearance agent, otherwise you are liable to run into serious problems at your destination port.

Many people don’t understand that you can’t just go up to the port and collect your items. Just like you have to go through customs clearance and passport control when you arrive in a new country, your cargo needs to go through a similar process when it arrives in a foreign port. Unlike the airport, where you go to pick up your suitcases, when your things come off the boat, you are not there to gather them. This job is best left to specialists whose only job is import. Each country has specific import laws, many local ports have individual rules and regulations. These laws, rules and regulations change often. Even if your think that you know all of the rules, they are liable to be different from the last time sent something.

Paper work gone wrong is quite probable. Don’t be shocked if you thought you were going to clear your own cargo by yourself only to find that you have violated some rule. This will cause your cargo to be warehoused at the port until you can sort out the problems. This can be very expensive in some ports, as you are charged by the day. It is also quite common for cargo sent in this manner to be inspected. While there are some destinations in the world where they inspect every container, in our most common destinations this is the exception rather than the rule. This inspection will also cost you money.

For all of the “to port” service options, they appear at first glance to be big money savers. However, extra caution must be taken, as they are not for the feint hearted, nor are they necessarily cheaper in the end. Critically, when we send you a quote for service, please note that we include destination terminal handling costs. These costs are paid via our agents at the destination port and are not included. These costs will be paid by whomever clears your cargo through customs at the destination and will be charged back to you.

Warehouse or Storage to Port Service

Warehouse to port service is used by many SDC International Shipping clients who have delicate timing issues. You can only drop things off at the port a few days before the assigned date. This exact timing is not always easy, especially as most people ordering the service are busy preparing to leave the country for an extended period of time or permanently and can’t perfectly time a drop off at the port.

We also have many clients who store their belongings, or a portion of their belongings, in our storage warehouse. They move abroad, not necessarily knowing when or to where they will be shipping their belongings. As with the door to port service, this service comes with caveats about port delivery as opposed to door delivery. For most of you, door delivery is the better option.

International Moving: Port to Port Service

Port to port service is the most affordable international moving option. When you use choose this service, you personally drop off your cargo at a facility adjacent to the port, and arrange to pick up your cargo by yourself at the destination port. This is option should only be chosen by business clients who have partners waiting to receive their cargo at the destination port. For other clients, it entails far too many pitfalls.

A Final Word about Budget for International Moving Options

Very few clients work without budgets. Even those relocating from an exclusive location to another exclusive location need to decide which services make sense for them and which do not. Please be very careful when you compare one quote for shipping services to another, and review this document about – international moving quotes

Relocation is complicated, and as most people only do it once in their lives, few people will have experience. We have facilitated the relocation of thousands of families from the United States to countries around the world. We know that these families don’t want to waste money, but that they also want a basket of services that cost money.

If you are on a highly restricted budget, please let us know early. There are many decisions you will need to make, which services should you take and what can you do by yourself? What should you send and what should you leave behind in the United States?

If you are moving to most European locations, for instance, we will be able to save you money by using our groupage consolidations which might take a little while longer to arrive, but will save you money, even if you are sending the contents of a full container load.

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