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International Moving company to Italy: Fun Facts about Italy

Relocating to Italy – Do you love eating pasta, spaghetti or even pizza? Love fashion? Adore art? Then you would love Italy!

If you are moving to Italy, you are very lucky! With almost 40 million visitors, Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world.

International shipping to Italy

Fun Facts about Italy:

  • Italy is slightly larger than Arizona
  • Lira was the official unit of currency until 1999.
  • The official currency is euro
  • The ice cream cone is an Italian invention
  • Pasta, Italy’s national dish

Italy was once the center of Western civilization for centuries. Now, we can enjoy the history and cultural heritage of civilization. While you are in Italy, you could visit:

  • Rome – Full of history from ancient monuments, medieval churches, beautiful fountains, plenty of museums, and many more
  • Venice – A city built on water in the middle of a lagoon.
  • Florence – Enjoy the renaissance architectural and art centers
  • Milan – Visit La Scala, one of the world’s most famous opera houses.

florence, Italy

There are many places that you could go, If you are moving to Italy, why don’t you give SDC International Shipping a call at (877) 339-0267 today.

SDC International Shipping is an international moving company specializes in moving household goods, office goods, and even transporting vehicle from United States of America to Italy.

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