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International Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published on May 12, 2020 by Kfir Cohen

Moving from America to other places is affected due to the Covid-19 as most business operations are down, especially the shipping industry. If you plan to go to a different location from the USA, we have got you covered. We have compiled the latest information regarding shipping to various countries so that you can improvise your shipping accordingly.

What’s on this page?

01 | Are International Moving Services Still Available during coronavirus lockdown?
02 | What are the current obstacles to international moving?
03 | Is there a particular policy for international moving during the COAVID-19 pandemic?
04 | International Shipping by Air or by Sea during coronavirus pandemic times
05 | What does SDC International Shipping inc. do differently during coronavirus time?
06 | New International Moving Policies In the UK, Spain and GCC countries

If you plan to move to Spain, Dubai, the United Kingdom, or other GCC countries, this guide will help you in shipping. From pricing to turnaround time, storage areas to any other update guidelines, know all the important things here to get started with your packing. Need quick assistance? Get in touch with us directly for a shipping quote.

Are International Moving Services Still Available during coronavirus lockdown?

The entire shipping industry is being affected by the pandemic, but a couple of countries are operating their shipping lineup to help citizens. In countries where the impact of coronavirus is more significant, like China or some EU regions, the operations are very restricted.

Countries like the UK, Spain, the UAE, and other GCC countries have issued new guidelines for shipping, followed by strict safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety. When it comes to all the nations, some places are still under strict guidelines and won’t allow you to ship in this condition.

International moving services are available from the US to the countries mentioned above. They are operating well as they are fundamental services, and the government is also trying to put more relaxations over the guidelines.

What are the current obstacles to international moving?

Some operations are being affected by this pandemic. But, the companies and the shipping companies are making sure everything remains seamless. If you are moving to Spain, they are doing the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) on behalf of you via video conference. Along with this, companies have improvised their CFS (Container Freight Station), adhering to social distancing.

In GCC countries, including Dubai, all the companies are functioning as usual but adhering to safety guidelines recommended by WHO. If you want to ship something custom that usually doesn’t fall under shipping during emergencies, you need to check that on the country’s official website. For shipping to the UK, all the sea freight operations are functional during this challenging time. You can also expect timely delivery as companies are also offering direct port-to-door shipping facilities concerning safety issues.

Is there a particular policy for international moving during the COAVID-19 pandemic?

As such, there is no significant change in the shipping policies of the companies. But yes, companies do follow the essential safety guidelines given by WHO while shipping the goods. And, the organization has also suggested some guidelines for travelers.

Shipping companies follow strict hygiene guidelines like wearing a mask, proper sanitization, frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, and so on. All these guidelines make the shipping operations safer, and it will help mask the growing infection spread.

WHO has recommended some safety guidelines like frequent sanitization, avoiding touching unnecessary things while traveling from one country to another.

International Shipping by Air or by Sea during coronavirus pandemic times

Sea shipping operations are more active in current times as compared to air freight. Most of the companies have restricted their air operations because of the change in guidelines in different countries. But, ocean freight is operating with minimum restrictions. The carrying capacity is affected. We are constantly communicating with other countries’ ports and customs departments to let you know the updated stats while shipping the goods with us.

Companies worldwide are operating more actively from the Sea as the guidelines are more relaxed, and the ports are fully functional. Port to doorstep shipping is also active so that you don’t have to worry about anything and need to make sure you are following the recommended safety guidelines.

What does SDC International Shipping inc. do differently during coronavirus time?

During the coronavirus time, SDC International Shipping inc. is taking extra safety and security measures to operate complex shipping loads in a hassle-free manner. As all the shipping companies in the world are taking care by following WHO and state’s guidelines, here are the things we are doing extra to ensure your convenience:

  • We strictly follow the local and federal guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitization.
  • We provide quick help via video and call conferencing not to need to go out of their homes.
  • We frequently sanitize vehicles, trolleys, warehouses, and cabins that workers are using.
  • We are keeping sanitizers and extra masks at the entrance and inside all shipping warehouses.
  • We wear masks and gloves and taking extra care while shipping goods to customer’s locations.

SDC offers Special Discount for International Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

SDC covers all your shipping needs with priority and offers relaxation in the shipping fees. To relocate more affordably, SDC is giving a special discount of 10-20%. Most of the shipping destinations, including the UK, GCC countries, Spain, are covered under this plan. To help you ship better and faster, we are here to help. Contact us now to get a quick quote.

New International Moving Policies In the UK, Spain and GCC countries

Despite coronavirus impact, most of the companies are usually operating in countries, But, there are some safety guidelines from the countries that you need to take care of:

United Kingdom:

  • International shipping from the USA to the UK is available through sea freight.
  • Air shipping available within the UK only.
  • Workers need to follow sanitization guidelines, wear masks & gloves while delivering goods.


  • We do PMS through video conference on your behalf
  • Container Freight Station needs to be adequately cleaned and sanitized.
  • As most air carrier services are down, the sea freight is used under updated guidelines.

GCC Countries:

  • Both air and sea shipping service is available under particular safety guidelines.
  • In case of shipping something custom, you need to inform in advance.
  • All operations are functionals adhering to social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Get in touch with us for your quick US to other country shipping quotes. Our team is continually working to make the shipping process more seamless for you during Covid-19. Contact SDC International Shipping inc to get started with all your shipping needs.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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