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International Moving Company Worldwide

Shipping your household goods, your furniture, your family heirlooms, and valuables is a scary process. An international moving company that is an expert in these specific tasks should do it for you. Here’s everything you should know about international moving worldwide.

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01 | International Household Moving Worldwide
02 | International Car Shipping Worldwide
03 | Worldwide Custom and Regulations
04 | International Moving Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

International Household Moving Worldwide

Have you decided to move to a different country? Many Americans want to retire somewhere where their pension goes further. Many need to relocate for several years for business or academic reasons. Some want to be closer to family, and some are just looking for a fresh start in a different climate or culture. Whatever the reason, an experienced international household moving worldwide company will be necessary.

The logistics are so complicated, there are so many factors: packing, loading, trucking, shipping, customs, and delivery and clean up are just the major ones. Most of these can’t be done without a licensed agent, and those that can not be done well except by an expert international household moving the worldwide company. Don’t worry, there will be enough bureaucracy for you without trying to coordinate 20 different agents in two or more countries.

International Moving Company Worldwide

SDC International Shipping has dedicated teams dealing with your logistics, administration, and the handling of your belongings. We will start by trying to understand your basic goals and budget and try to agree upon a framework with you that will later be fine-tuned closer to your move. When appropriate, we will send someone to your home for an onsite size estimate.

If you are moving at the request of your employer, your company will probably help finance your move. These are commonly called a lump sum move because they have a maximum cap. At times the employer will pay the moving company directly, others will pay beforehand, still, others reimburse. It is important that your moving estimate will be lower than the amount offered to you, as there will always be unforeseen costs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking.

No two moves are the same, and the logistics for each need to be carefully planned. In addition to apprising you of the necessary documentation, they will ensure your paperwork is in order and delivered on time to ensure your move’s timing. Taking a registered vehicle is a great idea, but it might affect all of your relocation planning. Our professionals are unafraid of complicated moves.

Shipment times door to door can vary greatly, from four to ten weeks. This length is dependent primarily on origin and destination, but not entirely. Sometimes we will try to shorten or lengthen this according to the specific needs of the client. For less than full container loads, we can send your shipment in a much more cost-effective manner, but sometimes it will add a week or two to transit time.

International Car Shipping Worldwide

Many people moving overseas are interested in international car shipping worldwide. At times, shipping a car to a foreign country can offer great savings. In some countries, cars are far more expensive to purchase than they are in the United States because of special additional taxation or market conditions. If you can get replacement parts for your car where you are going, it is usually a good idea to send them.

This is one area where regulations differ greatly from country to country. Check the specific rules of your destination country. In general, the following is true for most countries:

  • Your car must be at least six months old.
  • Your car can be up to ten years old (often times only five).
  • Your car must be registered to you.
  • You usually can’t sell the car for at least a year, sometimes longer.
  • You usually can’t send your car to countries where they drive on the left-hand side of the road. Try taking a motorcycle instead!
  • Cars are usually delivered to special facilities near the port where you will have to personally be present with appropriate paperwork.

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that people take with them from America to their new homes. Check the policies of your new home country as some will let you send campers, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles in addition.

Sometimes your car is sent along with your belongings, sometimes it is sent as a separate shipment. Your relocation specialist will be able to give you a good idea about which logistics will make the most sense for you.

Worldwide Custom and Regulations

Any shipment entering a country from beyond its borders will be subject to customs clearance. It doesn’t matter if you are traversing a land border, like moving to Canada, sending by the sea like the bulk of international shipping, or sending an air shipment. Just like you need to walk through customs at the airport, your shipment will need to go through a similar process at the port of entry to your shipping country.

If you are sending household goods and personal effects, most countries will allow you to bring them without paying import taxes or customs duties. Typically returning citizens will have to show that they lived outside of their country for at least a specified period of time (usually two years, but for some countries only six months). Immigrants will usually have to show appropriate residence or immigration visas. Be careful about sending new items, as they are typically subject to taxes.

Most shipping containers are not opened for inspection, but x-ray inspection is now extremely common. Random inspections still occur at about 5% (in some countries, this number is much higher), and in those cases, it is the importer who is charged for the “service.” You don’t want to trigger an inspection if you can avoid it. Nobody knows for sure what flags will be used for inspections that aren’t random, but it is clear that containers packed by the owner are inspected more often. This is probably a result of incomplete paperwork that needs to accompany your shipment.

Professional international moving companies worldwide like SDC International Shipping will prepare your shipping list for you. This list is usually appended to forms specific to the destination country. It is critical that your list is accurate and reflects what is in your container. If you said you are sending two bicycles, but the x-ray inspection shows four, you will likely be inspected.

Many countries with special ecosystems are particular about things imported. In general, it is not a good idea to import anything that has been in contact with wildlife or agriculture, but this is especially true of island nations.

Regulations for importing pets and pet products also vary greatly. Some countries will require quarantine for a few months, others will only require proper paperwork. If you are planning on bringing an animal, start checking on this right away, as, at times, it takes just as long as an immigration visa to obtain. Some countries limit entry to dogs and cats, others allow a much wider range of pets.

If your shipment contains commercial goods, you will usually need to declare these. Sometimes you will have to set up a commercial presence in the country before you ship. Check these out with the closest consulate of your destination country.

International Moving Checklist

  • Even before you speak with us for the first time, you should try to figure out what you will take with you personally, what you will ship and what will be left behind.
  • Plan early. International moving worldwide will take time. Start with the most important: do you need to request a visa? Renew a passport from the country you’re moving to? To you need to obtain a report from your local police? Do you need to start looking for a sponsor? Do you need to start planning for the relocation of your pet as well? You’ve got to check the regulations in your destination country.
  • Another thing you should start doing early is purchasing things that you want to take with you. Think about your destination: is it a country where they cycle a lot? Is it a country where fishing is great?  Is skiing a passion for you and readily available in your destination? Do you dive? Whatever your passion, sending a container is a great opportunity to send not only old gear but gear for the next step in your new home. Remember that for most countries, you have to own things shipped there at least six months before shipping to avoid paying taxes. Buy a new bike, but do it early.
  • Do you already know the exact destination address? If so, have accurate measurements made of each room if you don’t already have them. Check which furniture items fit, and which won’t. If you don’t have an exact address, try to see what the size of a likely home in your destination is.
  • Plan your move. Sometimes you will only wait a few weeks for your things. Sometimes you will have to wait two months. In addition to taking what you need immediately, think about the necessity of an air shipment. Do you want to take advantage of this in-between time to visit family? Tour the USA before leaving, do the grand rounds of the National Parks? Maybe you want to spend a few weeks exploring your new country? Decisions like these should be considered early.
  • Check the cost of your car in your destination country. Like other things, a car needs to be six months old to ship, so you might want to get a new one early if it makes sense to send it. If you have a motorcycle you will most likely want to take it with you.

International Shipping Options

There are many international shipping options available to people moving abroad. The options will vary according to destinations. There are places where it only makes sense to send full containers, but if you’re sending to Europe, you should consider our other options regardless of shipment size.

Air shipments are available but need to be carefully coordinated. Sometimes it will make more sense to just pay for an extra suitcase on the plane.

Whatever your needs, full containers, partial container loads, air shipments, special accommodation for oversized items, SDC has the international shipping options tailored for you.

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