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International Moving Company to Sweden

International Moving Company to Sweden specialists in relocation and shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles and commercial goods with International Movers to Sweden

International Moving Company to Sweden

Moving from country to country will be difficult, an experienced international moving company to Sweden like SDC International Shipping will help make this move as painless as possible.

International Household Moving to Sweden

Sweden has a much different lifestyle than the United States. Many American looking for a lot of life changes without giving up the advantages of a modern society choose Sweden as their new home. When moving from the US to Sweden, you will want to bring your personal goods and effects. Your household items should come with you.  There is of course sentimental value to your belongings. In  Sweden it will be hard to find some American items that you have become accustomed to.

American is the furniture is the best, bring most of your furniture with you. Swedes visiting the US often contract SDC International Shipping to send furniture that was purchased while on vacation in the US. They know what they’re doing.

SDC specializes in international household moving to Sweden, a country with many seaports. We know exactly how to relocate your household from the United States to Sweden. Your things will be packed in a manner that will protect your belongings, while at the same time conserving your budget. Tables and beds will be carefully disassembled and wrapped, and then reassembled when our movers drop them off in Sweden. Wood furniture will be wrapped to protect from scratches along the way. Stone and metal things will also be protected.

Don’t leave your personal effects in America. Your fragile items will require special care, use SDC’s professional packing service to protect them. There is a high probability of damage during shipping, and if you pack by yourself you won’t be able to purchase insurance against damage. Our movers can provide special boxes for artwork or mirrors when you order the packing service. Custom cartons and crates can be constructed to protect to them highly valuable things or oddly shaped items.

Most of your appliances won’t work in Sweden, however, most electronics will function fine and you should bring them to Sweden with you. Most European appliances are much smaller than the American counterparts and American versions don’t always fit into a typical Swedish dwelling. However, a family accustomed to an American washing machine will want to find a special one that will work in Sweden (make sure that it will fit). Purchase your other major appliances when you get to Sweden.

moving to sweden from usa

International Car Shipping to Sweden

You can ship your car to Sweden, usually you won’t have to pay vehicle import tax. Sweden is a land of boats, and if you own a boat, you can bring that as well. Sweden allows for the import of one type of vehicle, so if you have a car, a motorcycle and a boat, you might need a really big container, but you can bring them without tax!

Your car must be at least six months old before being shipped and registered to you. If you are a returning citizen it must be 12 months old at the time of arrival. Newer vehicles are subject to 25% moms (the Swedish equivalent of VAT in other EU countries). You will also need to show that you have not resided in Sweden or an  EU member state for the past 12 months, or you will be charged the moms, Your name needs to appear on the vehicle’s title and registration, which will need to be provided prior to picking up your vehicle for shipment. These should be translated into German.

Methods for shipping your vehicle to Sweden will vary according to vehicle type, your final destination and the origin from where you are leaving. Sometimes vehicles are shipped in special containers, motorcycles typically can be put in your container, boats often need special shipping.

Sweden Customs and Regulations

As a member of the EU, Sweden’s customs and regulations are subject to the official European Customs Union policy. This website provides current official policies of Tullverket (Swedish customs authority) in English. It is always a good idea to call the closest embassy of Sweden to ask specific questions.

Only used goods can be imported to Sweden without paying taxes. But as long as what you are shipping to Sweden belongs to you and is legal there, it should not be difficult to import your goods. New or unused items will be taxed. Also, amounts that do not appear to be for personal use might be taxed.

A shipping list is an important part of your shipment. It needs to be as accurate as you can. A list is prepared for you if you use SDC International Shipping’s loading or professional packing services. When you arrive in Sweden you will be the one who responsible for this list, so ensure that it is accurate. If you want to purchase shipment insurance (recommended), you will also need to provide an accurate list. If you decide to pack your own things, make a good list. Make copies of everything.

Do not palletize your shipment, it will only need to be disassembled and cause more handling. Readily available pallets and “new” wood (if you build a crate) contain mold inhibiting chemicals. EU and Swedish safety and health regulations prohibit the use of many of these, they will need to be regulation compliant. SDC International Shipping, uses only compliant and seaworthy packaging.

An EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) is required for shipments containing commercial goods. If Sweden is your destination, apply for this number from Swedish authorities here. This number will be necessary if you are shipping mixed personal and commercial goods.

Moving to Sweden from USA Checklist

SDC International Shipping will come load your personal belongings. In the meantime, double check that you are bureaucratically prepared. You’ll need:

  • Residence Permit. If you are not an EU citizen. Consult this site or call the closest consulate.
  • The Customs Registration form is available here and for immigrants that are not from an EU country, and here if you are a citizen of any EU county.
  • Personal documents for the whole family (birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records). Consider translating vital medical documents.
  • Official school records – including a primary school. For American citizens, this will be very important later on when you will have to prove the duration of your US residency (not the duration of citizenship) in order to have children or grandchildren born abroad declared US citizens.
  • Diplomas, professional certificates of qualifications and degrees.

International Shipping Options

Shipping your household and vehicles to Sweden can be done in several ways. The exact manner in which this will be done will depend on several factors and sometimes will employ a combination of several methods. Sweden is a country with many ports, with Gothenburg usually the port of choice. If you are moving to the Stockholm area, there is a good chance that your goods might be shipped through Gothenburg and your vehicles to Stockholm. Vehicles usually require the presence of the owner for customs clearance and localization.

We can send any size shipment, including full container loads, oversized freight (if you opt to send a boat this will likely be use), large 40’ containers are also available. You can also send smaller shipments using the “less than full container load” option used by many. If you are in less of a rush, SDC International Shipping also offers some slightly less expensive options that might take a little while longer to arrive.

The earlier you plan, the greater the chance we have of being able to meet your expectations.

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