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International Moving Company to Morocco

When a huge moment in your life such as this relocation has to occur, it sometimes brings anxiety and stress. You have to move your belongings there and also try to have a smooth transition into Morocco. The reason you are moving could be for studies and research, or you are returning Moroccan student who has studied abroad for years.

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02 | International Car Shipping to Morocco
03 | Morocco Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Morocco Checklist
05 | Moving to Morocco – Shipping Options

It is time to come back home, or you are a retiree coming back to settle at home. You may also be an expatriate from another country moving to Morocco for a new job opening or even spending retirement there. By this time, you should have made a conscious decision after considering the weather and climate in Morocco, the culture, norms, customs over there, and the quality of life.

Suppose you are moving there with a family. In that case, you should consider how big the move is for them and whether the family can quickly acclimatize to it. To move seamlessly there, you should get the services of an international removal service. They would help pack all the belongings you want to be shipped to Morocco. They should easily transport your things to the ports harbors responsible for the Mediterranean and various Atlantic regions to Morocco. 

International Household Movers to Morocco

When moving, you will definitely need to transport some of your essential belongings such as furniture, cutlery, and toys to Morocco. Fair enough, some equipment or devices that you use may not be on the markets in Morocco, and since you cannot do without them, you have to take them along.

At times, the quality level of some products is not at par with your expectations, and as a result, you would have to ship them too.  A professional household mover should do just that for you very well. Find out the best moving services which fit your requirements and budget. They will help you pack everything you need packed, sort out the customs requirements, and deliver your stuff to your destination in Morocco. 

International Car Shipping to Morocco

There are two main types of ways you can ship your car to Morocco: if you have one. Either by roll-on/roll-out shipment (RoRo) or by container shipment. Do the math, and determine the option best suited for your plans. Compare the costs, time, and security offered by each system. RoRo shipment is generally cheaper but the most unsafe.

As you already know, there are always trade-offs. Furthermore, make a mental note not to fault any regulations before you ship. For example, it must be up to 15 years old. It shouldn’t exceed that age. Ensure the make, model, year, mileage, chassis number, engine capacity, general description, and motor number of the car. You are good to go if you consider all these.

Morocco Customs and Regulations

Before moving to Morocco, contact customs authorities and educate yourself on the best current policies to comply with the regulations. For instance, you are not allowed to bring in cash of over 2000 Dirhams. For foreign currencies, there is no limit, but you must make sure to declare your money if it is over 100,000 dirhams equivalent.

In addition, for your pets, mainly cats and dogs, they must be accompanied by a veterinarian good health certificate issued at point of origin, issued within 10 days of departure for Morocco, together with an anti-rabies certificate issued within the last 6 months.

Moving to Morocco Checklist

As part of preparations to move to Morocco, there are some vital things to take note of. First, make sure you secure the required visa from the consulate or embassy in your country. When applying for the visas, you have to have some documents like marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, etc. These are requirements for the process. Second, sort out banking and address issues. Contact your bank and post office, inform them that you are leaving, and prepare for new bank details in Morocco.

Third, find out the electric outlets that are used in Morocco and make plans accordingly. Fourth, suppose you don’t know some basic Arabic already. In that case, you should make preparations to start learning the language as soon as possible. You will need it to have some basic conversations in the country, since the country’s universal language.

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Moving to Morocco – Shipping Options

You may ship your stuff and belongs to Morocco by air or by sea. Shipping by air is on the high side. It is advisable to consider it only if you need the things at your destination very quickly. By sea shipment, you use container shipping options. Your belongings will be packed and sealed in containers and shipped to your preferred port in Morocco. It is good to enquire about the best shipping companies with the best rates and packages you can work with. Sea shipping costs are relatively affordable.

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