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International Moving Company to Mexico

Published on Jul 14, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

If you plan to move your family from the United States to Mexico, read SDC International Shipping’s Mexico relocation guide for the first steps.

Are you moving to Mexico? Many Americans and Mexican citizens living in the United States do. Moving there can be done, but its many regulations mean that it is not straightforward. SDC International Shipping is moving clients to Mexico all the time. Mexico is our neighbor and close friend, but care is needed in relocating there.

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02 | International Car Shipping to Mexico
03 | Mexican Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Mexico Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

Mexico has a lot to offer Americans who want to move there. Mexico is a country where you will be able to live comfortably. You may have heard that Mexico is a violent country, but the areas that our clients move to have less crime than typical American cities. If you are not in the illicit drug trade, you have little to fear in Mexico.

While you have certainly heard about illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border, few of them are Mexicans; more people move from the US to Mexico each year than the other way around.

International Household Moving to Mexico

Most of our clients can easily afford comfortable housing in Mexico. You should be able to afford a house at least the size of what you are leaving in the USA. You should take all of your furniture with you when you move to Mexico. We even recommend that you get some new things a few months before your move. Of course, you are moving to Mexico because you like the local culture and many things you will want to buy once you move there, but it is difficult to duplicate the quality of American furniture.

Electronics typically will work in Mexico without difficulty. Mexico uses the same electric current and plug size as the USA, so your small appliances and electronics will work there without difficulty.

One of the things that people moving to Mexico often fall down upon is trying to save a few dollars by packing themselves.

As one of the leading moving companies to Mexico, SDC International Shipping offers professional packing services. As the move to Mexico requires that all of your belongings be manually transferred through customs clearance at the border and then reloaded onto moving vans, the chance for damage to your belongings is high. Our packers prepare your shipment to reduce this damage.

International Car Shipping to Mexico

Importing a car to Mexico from the United States is harder than you might think. You may have visited Mexico with your car in the past. That doesn’t mean that permanently sending your car there will be as easy. As we don’t send shipping containers to Mexico, sending a car within a container is not an option.

Depending upon your origin location, your car will be send to Mexico on a car carrier. Sometimes it will be transferred to a different car carrier at the border.

While it is possible, most people do not choose to drive their cars to Mexico. There are liable to be many complications at the border, and most of our clients move to locations that are at least a few days of driving time away, like Mexico City or Cabo. As a well experienced Moving Company to Mexico – We do not recommend this method. You will have to find your own customs agent at the border, and it is far from simple.

You will need to have your vehicle’s title and registration cleared before your move in either case. These need to be sent to SDC International Shipping. Once your car arrives in Mexico, you will have to clear it through a Mexican licensing facility, where it will be tested for road safety.

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Mexican Customs and Regulations

Everyone moving to Mexico should visit the Mexican consulate closes to them and fill in the Declaración Certificada de Menaje de Casa form. This should be done well before SDC International Shipping’s movers come to your house to pack it for moving. Please note that they want to know the exact things being imported. It is insufficient to write down “refrigerator.” You will need to write down something like “Samsung RF28R6201SR refrigerator”.

You are allowed to send shipments to Mexico up to six months after your arrival in the country, but you still need to obtain the Certificada de Menaje de Casa prior to your shipment.

If you have lived outside of Mexico for at least six months, you will qualify for custom-free import of all of your used possessions. You are limited to one of each type of major appliance per family. If you are not a Mexican citizen, you will need to fill in an application for a permanent residence visa. This form can be found here.

Please note that you will have to visit the closes Instituto Nacional De Migración once you move to Mexico to obtain a local ID card. Some things that are not permitted to bring into Mexico are

Moving to Mexico Checklist

  • Consulting this Mexican government site for details about the types of visas available to you and how to obtain them.
  • If you are moving to Mexico to work, you need to get a job before you request your visa.
  • You are required to visit a Mexican consulate before your move. When there, fill in the Declaración Certificada de Menaje de Casa, as we require that you send this certificate to us before we pick up your belongings. You will be given several copies of this document. Make sure to scan this document.
  • You will need to be able to provide an address in Mexico. If you don’t yet have one, you need to make a trip to Mexico and sign a rental contract.
  • Make sure that you have access to critical personal records. For the most part, these do not require translation.
  • If you are bringing your pet with you, you need to have a veterinary bill of health (APHIS form 7001) filled in no more than 10 prior to your departure. Please note that while this form can be filled in in English, it must be typed and not handwritten.(Your vet will be able to type into linked form.)
  • If you don’t speak Spanish yet, start learning.

International Shipping Options

Mexico is a huge country, almost as large as the United States. Maps may be confusing. Even one of the shortest and most common of our relocations, from the Los Angeles area to the Mexico City area, is around 1600 miles.

If you are moving to almost any other country in the world (outside of Canada) we send your belongings as a sea shipment. For shipments sent to Mexico, we can’t, they must be moved over land. The good news about this is that there is no effective cargo limit to Mexico. When sending to Europe, for instance, most clients will send no more than a 20’ shipping container accommodates, holding about 1100 cubic feet of storage space. When you relocate to Mexico, you can ship as much as you want.

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You are allowed to send shipments to Mexico for six months after your arrival in the country. If you don’t yet have an ultimate address, the most effective option for this is to have us pick up your belongings and store them in one of our warehouses until you get one.

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