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Moving to Turkey

International Moving Company to Turkey — Specializing in the relocation and shipment of household goods, personal effects, and commercial goods with International Movers to Turkey

International Moving Company to Turkey

SDC International Shipping is an international moving company to Turkey. We have relocated hundreds of families to locations throughout Turkey and look forward to serving you.

We also send many commercial shipments to Turkey. If you want to send commercial shipments, whether a onetime shipment or on a regular schedule, please call SDC International Shipping. This document is about family relocations to the country.

Moving to Turkey

International Household Moving to Turkey

SDC International Shipping provides reliable, fast international household moving to Turkey. We can deliver offer door to door service to most locations in Turkey, though locations south and east of Antep require more planning and will be more expensive. Most of our clients have moved to the Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara areas, and we can offer full service to these and other areas.

Homes in Turkey vary greatly in size. We assume that you have visited the country many times, and that you are familiar with location you are moving to. If not, please stop everything and take a trip to Turkey. Ask a real estate agent to show you properties that will be suitable for your family. Please take note of room sizes, even measure them if unsure. Some apartments are small, but our clients usually are moving into spacious apartments that can accommodate most of your household.

You should bring your library with you. While you can get books delivered from sources like Amazon or the Book Depository, you’ll find that they are often slow and expensive. Stock up on books and add a carton or so to your shipment. While you might be tempted to bring stuff like food ingredients, it could cause problems with your shipment. Instead, try mailing these things to your new address. Turkey is known for its markets, try one of them.

You should stock up on shoes and footwear. With things like socks, underwear, even slippers, it is a good idea to get many spares to send with your household goods. The weather in Turkey varies greatly. For most locations you probably won’t need heavy winter gear, especially if you plan on remaining in the Southern Coastal area. The Ankara area is a little colder, but still the winter is short and mild. You will probably want to send things like your warm beddings, etc.

Some of the things that you will want to include in your shipment are bedroom furniture, dining sets and all of your cooking and dining utensils. While things in Turkey are relatively cheaper than they are in the USA, the quality is not the same as things sold in the USA.

When SDC comes to load your belongings for shipment, they will create a moving inventory list for you. This list is very important. Most countries don’t require the degree of accuracy that Turkey does, so make sure that the movers include the serial numbers for electronics.

International Car Shipping to Turkey

Do you want to send your car to Turkey? You can, so long as you have obtained a YTGGK, or as the Turkish call it a Yabancı Taşıtlar Geçici Giriş Belgesi. As the name implies it is only for temporary entrance. However, this is how you import a car. Please note that this will only be valid for two years. You should carefully check if it makes sense for you to import a car.

Turkish Customs and Regulations

You must physically be present in Turkey with all required documents during the clearance of household goods and effects through Turkish Customs. Their customs clearance procedure usually takes four days. If you are sending used household goods and personal effects, they should be tax and duty free it you have owned them for at least six months. Turkish citizens must have been living abroad for at least 24 months to qualify.

If you are sending new things or commercial items, then a tax will be levied. The goods must be imported two months in advance or within six months of arrival into Turkey. Goods that enter Turkey tax-free are for your family’s personal use and should not be resold.

You are permitted to send both an air shipment and a sea shipment. However, you must physically be present when your shipment arrives. Speak with your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist about timing. If necessary, we can store your things in our warehouse before sending by air. Air shipments take about a week.

If you are sending electronics, you should bring their receipts with you. The serial numbers should be listed on your inventory. You should not send nonprescription drugs in your container. You can take some on your person. If you are bringing prescription drugs, make sure that you have the prescriptions with you.

Are you bringing a pet? Rabies vaccination and a microchip are mandatory for this. Your animal should be examined and an APHIS health certificate issued within a month of your departure from the USA. Special regulations apply for puppies.

Moving to Turkey Checklist

Have you decided to relocate to Turkey? Great, we can’t wait to help you. Expect many calls from the SDC logistics team. However, you still need to do many things:

  • Contract SDC International Shipping to move you to Turkey.
  • You will need to send a Comprehensive Valued Inventory in addition to your pack list. When our movers come to pick up your belongings, they will prepare a moving inventory. Translate this into Turkish, and use US$ for the valuation. If you are sending any new items, they should be listed separately.
  • If you are a returning Turkish citizen, you must visit the closest Turkish consulate and obtain Ikametgah Nakil Belgesi Bring your Nüfus müdürlügünden vukuatlı nüfus kayit örneği and your spouse’s passport if you are married.
  • Most Turkish doctors speak English competently. This may not be true of all medical personnel. If you or someone moving with you has a medical condition or disease, we highly recommend that you find ask your doctor or specialist to summarize your medical documents for you.
  • Turkey has a complicate health care system. You should be eligible for public healthcare, but more than likely you will find it insufficient.
  • Check the CDC vaccination recommendations for Turkey. Please note that the Typhoid immunization is recommended and most Americans don’t have this.

International Shipping Options to Turkey

SDC International Shipping has moved many clients to Turkey. All regular shipping options are available there:

For urgent shipments, we recommend that we send your cargo via air cargo. Customs clearance and door delivery to some locations in Turkey can take a long time.

You can send both less than full container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipments to Turkey. For LCL shipments, we can offer door to door service to locations throughout Turkey. The minimum shipment size for this service is 100 cubic feet, about the size of a fully packed pallet.

For FCL shipments, SDC International Shipping offers 40’ containers which are suitable for large moves, with 2200 cubic feet. For most of our clients, a 20’ container will suffice. The 1100 cubic feet of cargo space is enough to hold the contents of a typical 3 bedroom pack when it is loaded by our professional movers.

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