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Moving Company to Poland – Your Next Great Adventure

Relocating to Poland? Finding out that you’re moving to Poland for business (or for pleasure) is great news. The country is full of fun, quirky and yes, sarcastic locals, who are generally wonderful people to be around, even if you might be taken aback by their stiff first impression. You’ll get to work with them, interact with them, live among them and maybe even become one of them yourself. And like them, you’ll get to live from a lower cost of living, great eats, a vibrant social scene, and a rich cultural agenda.

But before you move to Poland, here are some things you might want to know:

You’re going to need a lot of patience. Polish bureaucracy can be a nag. But the time you spend waiting in government buildings or sitting at home while your paperwork clears, you can learn Polish. It’s a beautiful language and the locals will appreciate you making the effort. In Poland, you’ll be far more respected for speaking the local tongue improperly, than attempting to converse in flawless English. It also helps to secure the services of reliable shipping and moving business, which, in Poland, can be hard to find. You need a company that has years of experience in international moves; you need a company that can ship by air and by sea; you need a company that can ship door-to-door; you need SDC International Moving.

Why choose SDC for your Poland relocation?

A leading international moving company, SDC has the largest and strongest network of shipping agents in Eastern Europe. We offer a full-service door-to-door shipping solution, including

Moving to Poland

overseas vehicle shipping, free storage, and product-safety guarantee. All you need to do is say when, and we’ll move you to Poland, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Services Include:

  • FREE Estimates
  • Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port Service
  • Custom Crates
  • Professional & Licensed Moving Agents, Worldwide
  • 24/7 Shipment Tracking

Call for your FREE quote NOW! (877) 339-0267

Useful information before moving to Poland

When moving to Poland, it’s natural to feel anxious, but familiarizing yourself with the country’s customs regulations can help. Here’s the basic information you should know. For more information, check out Poland’s official website.

Required Documentation – Make sure you bring your passport, work permit or work certificate to all customs appointments. You’ll also need to present full, detailed inventory lists.

Customs Regulations – All shipments are subject to inspection. If you reside in Poland, you may be exempt from paying taxes and duties.

Moving to Poland

Restricted Items – Alcohol, tobacco, goods and medications are restricted by quantity. Medications must be accompanied by valid prescriptions.

Prohibited Items

  • Drugs
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  • Pornographic materials
  • Radioactive and toxic materials

Vehicles –  You must present the following documents upon importation:

  • Original certificate of purchase
  • New vehicles must have an original sales invoice, while old vehicles must have signed value declaration
  • Original registration or vehicle title
  • All vehicle information must be shown on the inventory list

Call (877) 339-0267 to start your move to Poland.

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