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International Moving Company to Hungary

Published on Jul 15, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

If you are preparing to move to Hungary, read SDC International Shipping’s guide to Hungary relocation. We can also send commercial shipments to the country.

Are you looking for a company experienced in sending shipments to Hungary? SDC International Shipping sends containers to Hungary of both residential and commercial goods.

Hungary is a beautiful country and an attractive destination. Budapest is a charming city with old-world charm and modern industry, culture, and opportunity. There are plenty of other great destinations in Hungary, and we can offer delivery to almost any location. Most locations in Hungary offer easy delivery options.

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01 | International Household Moving to Hungary
02 | Hungarian Customs and Regulations
03 | International Car Shipping to Hungary
04 | Moving to Hungary Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

Though the Danube runs through the nation’s heart, and the country is full of lakes and rivers, Hungary is a land locked nation without any seaports of its own. We can still deliver both private containers and smaller shipments anywhere in the country.

International Household Moving to Hungary

When you move to Hungary with your entire family, you will likely want to bring almost everything you own with you. While Hungary is a relatively affordable country, you won’t be able to find everything there that you have in your American home.

Your clothes, furniture, household linens, kitchen and cooking utensils, and leisure equipment should all be shipped to your new home. Depending upon where you are coming from in the USA, you might need to buy appropriate clothing.

Depending on the size of the home you are moving into in Hungary, you should bring most of your furniture with you. If you have cheap knock-down furniture, it is best left behind. But any quality furniture that you own should be packed and sent across the seas.

Do you have any small watercraft? If you love fishing, feel free to put your equipment in the container. You will probably need to get a fishing license in Hungary, but with its abundance of fresh water fishing, you won’t be sorry. If you like camping, send equipment, Hungary has lots of national parks and forests you will enjoy.

Make sure not to put any tobacco or alcohol in your shipment.

Hungarian Customs and Regulations

Hungary is a member of the European Union. This means that many Hungarian customs and regulations must conform to the EU rules, however for the most part they apply minimal restrictions. Notably confusing are the rules about the excise VAT tax. Luckily, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

If you have lived outside of any EU country for at least 12 consecutive months, you are allowed to import personal property to Hungary, being exempt from VAT and import taxes. Hungary does not state a specific limit to the amounts that you are permitted to import, only that it has to be reasonable amounts to be considered for personal use.

They also allow for the reasonable import of portable tools of trade. You are also not limited to the import of a single consignment. These are liberties not generally available in European countries.

You will need to have a verifiable address in Hungary. If you don’t have one yet, consider keeping your things in a SDC International Shipping storage warehouse. You are permitted to send things up to a year after entry to Hungary.

The full policy of Hungarian customs for immigrants is available in English from the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration.

International Car Shipping to Hungary

Private motor vehicles are considered personal property in Hungary, and if you have qualified for a tax exemption for your personal goods, it will include automobiles. The main stipulation is that the car should have been owned by you for at least six months before it is collected for shipment.

As Hungary has no sea ports, one of the more common methods of car transport, the roll on roll off method, is not practical as it requires additional inland services and becomes very expensive. The best way for you to send your car will be within a private container. A typical car takes up over half of a 20’ shipping container, but you do have the option of sending a 40’ container that should have enough space for both your personal effects and your car.

Read more: International Car Shipping from the USA

Hungary allows for the import of cycles and motorcycles in addition to motor vehicles. Also if you want to send a trailer, camping caravan, or pleasure craft, they are permitted as well. Note that if your trailer is registered, we will need to clear its title and license just like we do with cars. All licensed vehicles require title clearance before sending abroad.

Cars, SUVs, and light trucks are permissible. If you are sending a large pickup truck, it will usually be considered a commercial means of transport and will not be granted tax relief. They also might not fit into a container. The opening of the container is 7 feet 8 inches wide, this is wide enough to accommodate most vehicles. When shipped in a container, we will send a special lift to get the car into the moving container.

Our movers will also drain all of the fluids from the car and disconnect its battery, as demanded by the shipping companies. All of these costs, along with the legal fees, are included in the cost of your move and should be on the quote. The costs for licensing in Hungary won’t be included.

Moving to Hungary Checklist

Hungary awaits you. Some things you should do now:

Visit the closest Hungarian consulate. If you are a citizen, you will need to get a letter stating that you were out of the country for the necessary time period. While there, make sure that any children born while you were in the states are registered as citizens. If you married an American, it should be easy for them to get a permanent residence visa.

If you are not a citizen, apply for the appropriate visa.

Make an additional trip to your Hungarian destination. If you don’t have a residence yet, look for something, as we will require an address for customs clearance. If you don’t yet have one, open a Hungarian bank account. Ask a friend to lend you the SIM card from their phone. If it works in yours, then you phone will work

Hungary has universal healthcare. If you are a citizen or moving with a valid visa, you will be eligible for healthcare. Please note that not all doctors speak English, unless you get private insurance. Have your specialist summarize any special medical information if necessary.

If you are relocating with school-aged children, you might want to register them for an international school. These are mainly available in Budapest.

Learn Hungarian. Hungarian is a Uralic language, and whilst Finnish is somewhat similar, if you don’t know Hungarian already, it probably won’t be a quick pick up. You won’t enjoy living in Hungary without speaking the language.

International Shipping Options

There are several international shipping options to Hungary offered by SDC International Shipping.

For those sending small shipments, a good option is a less than full container load, or LCL shipment. These usually require about 10 weeks for door to door delivery and is appropriate for up to 600 cubic feet of cargo, with pick up service starting at 100.

If you are sending more than 600 cubic feet, you will want to send a private shipping container. With 1100 cubic feet of cargo space, these can hold the contents of most households. A private container usually takes about 8 weeks door to door.

If you are sending a vehicle along with your household, you will want to send one of our larger, 40’ containers, that should provide ample room for this.

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