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International Moving Company to France

Published on Jul 12, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

You want to move, but the challenges are overwhelming. SDC International Shipping is an international moving company to France. Its experienced relocation specialists will help you meet the challenges and make your move easy.

France has been attracting immigrants since the times of the Ancients Greeks, and little has changed. The country is a magnet to immigrants for myriad reasons. You may be moving for the food or the culture, the industry, or the weather.

What’s on this page?

01 | Shipping Furniture To France
02 | International Car Shipping to France
03 | French Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to France Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options
06 | Useful Information

However great France is, you’ll soon find that some small things from the life you’ve known in the United States are missing. You need to move your household. International Household moving to France should be done with an experienced company mover like SDC International Shipping.

Shipping Furniture To France

Some things that you should consider are the cost and comfort. You are accustomed to American standards of furniture, which are high. You can get comparable furniture in France but at great costs. We know that American furniture is attractive, as many French tourists in the USA purchase and ask us to ship it back to their homes. Outdoor grills are also favorites.

Shipping furniture is expensive, but it is far less costly than repurchasing in France as a part of your shipment. In general, if your furniture is in good condition, take it with you. Definitely bring mattresses with you. SDC International Shipping’s representatives will disassemble your furniture to reduce the shipment size.

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You probably have some fragile items in your personal effects. Use SDC’s professional packing service to protect these, don’t pack them by yourself. If you do so, the items that you pack yourself aren’t insurable against damage. Your belongings will be handled several times, undergo a long sea voyage, and might even have to be checked at customs; use professional packers to reduce damage. Our movers can also provide boxes specially made for artwork and mirrors. Custom crates are sometimes built for particularly valuable possessions or unusually shaped things; these can protect further protect them.

French homes vary greatly. If you are moving to a big city like Paris or Lyon, you’ll find apartments typically smaller than their American counterparts. If that is your destination, American home appliances, for the most part, are not a good idea. If you are headed towards a less urban destination, specially made appliances can be ordered in the United States that will work in France. Washing machines, in particular, should be considered.

Most modern electronics and small appliances will work in France. If you need help deciding, ask.

International Car Shipping to France

If you are changing your permanent place of residence to France, you should be able to bring your car (or boat!) without import duties. This will only be true if your vehicle is at least six months old. The vehicle registration must be in the name of the person receiving the shipment.

The vehicle’s title and registration must be given to us prior to collecting your vehicle for shipment. Newer cars will be charged at the 20% VAT rate. You need to obtain your French residency before obtaining your French license plates. Once you have them, you can freely drive throughout most of Europe.

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Your final destination will be a factor in deciding how to send your motorized vehicle to France. At times your vehicle is sent separately from the remainder of your shipment. They will need to conform to EU regulations.

French Customs and Regulations

France is a member of the European Union. Its regulations and customs are governed by the official European Customs Union policy. When moving to France, you should check the specific regulations for imports and customs. This website provides current official policies of Douanes & Droits Indirects (French customs authority) in English. If you are thinking easy and streamlined, think again. If you are moving from USA to France, you’re probably already prepared for EU bureaucracy.

One of the critical documents your shipment requires is the shipping inventory. When SDC International Shipping’s professional packing services are used, the inventory list is prepared for you, but you will have to check it reflects accurately what is in your shipment. To clear French customs, this must be translated into French.

New goods can be included with your shipment but will be taxed at the standard 20% VAT rate. Your used items are not typically subject to any import duties, but you will have to possess them for at least a year after their import.

Beware of cutting corners. If you pack by yourself, you may inadvertently be using packing materials that are prohibited in France. In particular, mold inhibitors are problematic. Also, “new wood” used in readily available pallets is not suited for international shipments. Buying a used container could also prove very costly in the long run. When you use SDC International Shipping’s services, only materials that are suitable for international shipments are used.

If you send commercial items in your shipment, you will need to first obtain an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification). Please note that this will usually trigger a customs check. It might be more effective for you to make separate shipments. The EORI number that you are assigned will be valid throughout the European Union, but you should obtain it from France if that is your destination.

Moving to France Checklist

While you wait for SDC International Shipping to come to load your personal belongings or pick up your car, gather the documents that you will need:

  • Immigration visas (Talent Passport, or Certificate de Changement de Résidence)
  • If you are bringing anything commercial, please consult this website for official policy.
  • Don’t forget to translate your inventory to French.
  • Family documents like birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, and medical records
  • If you are bringing your cat or dog to France, make sure that you have a health certificate and proof of vaccination.
  • Diplomas certificates, professional qualifications and any degrees you have.

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International Shipping Options

There are many different options available for shipping your personal belongings and vehicles to France. In most cases, sea shipping is the most effective way to send your things to France. You can send a full container load of 20’(about 1100 cubic feet) or 40’ containers (2200 cubic feet), partial container loads, and air shipments. Oversized freight is available for items that don’t fit into containers.

SDC International Shipping is a large relocation service provider and sends many containers to Europe. Instead of using consolidation services, we can send easily send shipments of any size to your French destination. Did you decide at the last moment to add a few more items to send? Maybe everything can’t fit into a single container? Don’t worry. Any shipment size can be sent by SDC International Shipping.

Your shipment needs to be timed properly. If you are moving to France, you have hopefully already begun the process of obtaining all necessary permits. If you are a citizen of an EU country, this is very easy. If you are not a citizen of an EU country, the process will take months. If you have been invited to work in French hi-tech, it should take less time, but expect nothing to be really quick. Actual shipping times can vary greatly, and if you order your service early, the chances are much higher that you will get your shipment on time.

Useful information before International moving to France

what is the Required Documentation in France?

Visa, resident \ work permit
Certificate of residency change obtained by a French consulate
Proof of your residency in France

*Check for additional required documents.

What are the Customs Regulations
in France?

Used goods may be duty-free if owned longer than six months. The owner must reside in France and items must arrive in no longer than a year after the owner’s arrival.

What are the Restricted Items?

Alcohol must be inventoried and described
New items (less than six months old)
Antiques and artworks
* Some of the restricted products will be subjected to taxes or duty

What are the Prohibited Items in France?

Weapons and ammunition – must be approved by French Defense Ministry
Paint and cleaning solvents
Pornographic material

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