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International Moving Company to China specializing in relocation and shipments of household goods, personal effects, and commercial goods with International Movers to China.

International Moving Company to China

Moving to China from the United States used to be unheard of, now it is standard for us. China has the world’s largest population, the second-largest economy, and a business empire spanning the globe. Please note that there are different rules for moving to Hong Kong or Macao from the rest of China.

SDC is an International Moving Company to China that now sends a large volume of household relocations are the Pacific. Most of our China-bound clients are returning Chinese citizens who have gone abroad to work or to study. However, it is becoming increasingly common for Americans to relocate to China for several years for business.

International Moving Company to China

Everything about China is different from the United States. The languages are radically different, and while English is sometimes used in business, most Chinese will speak no English whatsoever. It is critical that you use a company trained in international household moving to China like SDC International Shipping that sends containers there on a regular basis.

While business opportunities abound everywhere in China, international schools are only in the main cities. If you are an American moving temporarily with children, you will want to ensure that you move to a location where they have international schools, mainly in the large metropoles like Shanghai and Beijing.

International Household Moving to China

Try to check the size of the house you are moving to in China. If you can, you will want to take your furniture with you. Furniture is not easily bought, and you will typically have to wait months to get what you order. There are IKEA stores in the big cities where you there is cash and carry, but this is not the Chinese standard. You should expect to wait a long time to find furniture that is inferior to yours. We recommend that you send your furniture from the United States to China.

This is not true for most appliances. Large appliances won’t work, and smaller ones might be prohibited. It is alright to bring cameras and video recorders with you, but they don’t want your movies. Most of our relocation clients are keen to bring their libraries with them, but when you move to China you will have to be very selective about what you bring. Do not send anything that is even reminiscently critical of China or communism.

Some things that you should consider taking with you in addition to furniture and household goods are things like drugs (only legal of course, make sure that you have your prescription with you), personal hygiene products, and cosmetics will be drastically different from their American counterparts.

International Moving Company to China

International Car Shipping to China

You can send your American automobile to China. It is absolutely necessary to receive prior permit to import it. You will need to provide the original vehicle registration and title and purchase receipt. These will be necessary both for the import permit and for us to ship the car. Your car will need to meet Chinese environmental regulations for noise and exhaust.

China requires that automobiles be absolutely clean when entering. This means that the car’s tires and undercarriage have no foreign soil on them. You should also have your car’s interior “detailed” before sending it. 

You will not be able to submit an application for importing a car until you receive your Chinese residence visa. 

China Customs and Regulations

China is a country of regulations. Everything is regulated and you should make sure that everything meets their standards to ensure a smooth delivery. There is a long list of prohibited products that can’t be imported into China, and you need to be careful not to transgress their regulations.

China is very strict about “new wood”. Most readily available wood used for crating and pallets contain pesticides and humidity protecting agents that are not suitable for import into China. What this means is that if you wanted to prepare your own pallet or crate your fragile items, it would be best to leave it to our professional packers. They use only wood that will be acceptable to Chinese standards.

You can bring your pets with you to China. Only dogs and cats can be brought, and it is allowed to bring them through any Chinese international airport. You will need to show proof of rabies vaccination, microchip identifier, and other requirements. If you are bringing more than one pet as a family, be sure to have them officially registered to different family members, as they limit the import to one dog or cat per person.

Let us know right away if there are commercial goods in your shipment. If you are sending commercial goods to China, you will require an import license from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Please ensure that you have the required license before starting the moving process.

Moving to China Checklist

If you are ready to move to China, we are ready to take you there. Our logistics team will be in contact with you to arrange for the necessary paperwork. There is a lot that you should get started on right away.

  • You must have a visa for long term residency or to work in China. You will be able to find detailed information about the visa application process at the website of the Chinese Embassy to the United States.
  • You must have MMR vaccinations to enter China. Infants should get the first dose. It is highly recommended to be immunized against Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Japanese encephalitis as these are prevalent throughout China
  • Make copies of your family’s medical history. Most good Chinese doctors will have a working knowledge of English and should be able to read your medical records. Start looking for Chinese health insurance before your travel date. Health facilities labeled Grogan bingfang, meaning roughly VIP facility, should all have English speaking staff.
  • If you have any professional credentials, diplomas, degrees or distinctions, don’t forget to make high-quality digital copies and consider translating them.
  • Make copies of any birth, marriage, death, or divorce certificates that you might have. Don’t forget to arrange for school records for the entire family. Consider translating into Chinese.
  • If you want to bring your dog or cat with you on your Chinese relocation, you will need to take steps both early and immediately before your departure. Please review the information on the USDA site for pet export from the US to China.

International Shipping Options

As a country that has built itself around commerce, China has many major seaports. International shipping options to China include not only the seaports but also to an extensive network served by rail and river freight allows us to serve locations throughout China.

One of the advantages of sending to China is the great number of boats going between the United States and China means that your shipment can usually arrive in a timely manner. Big cities can expect service times of only a few weeks, and more remote locations will take a few more, but most locations in China are available for door to door service.

We insist upon the door to door service for all personal shipments to China. Commercial shipments are usually sent to agents who know how to clear customs, but personal effects and household goods should use our professional customs clearing agents who will clear your shipment through the intricacies of the Chinese import laws.

It is possible to send small shipments to China, starting from 100 cubic feet, but from our experience, these are the exception and not the rule. Typically the difference in cost to China is negligible and people end up sending containers even if not full. 20’ and 40’ containers are available.

If you are moving to China for a few years and want to store some of your possessions, we can send a moving van to your home and pick up all of your things, send some and store the rest.

We also offer air cargo for urgent shipments.

Speak with your relocation specialist about which international shipping options to China will work best for you.

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