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Moving to Canada from US

Published on Jul 08, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

International Moving Company to Canada specialists in relocation and shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles with SDC International Shipping to Canada

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02 | International Household Moving to Canada
03 | International Car Shipping to Canada
04 | Canadian Customs and Regulations
05 | Moving to Canada Checklist
06 | International Shipping Options

International Moving Company to Canada from US

Canada is a great country, and moving there is easy in many aspects, especially if you have Canadian citizenship. Canada has some regulations that need to be followed, and employing SDC International Shipping is essential to a successful border crossing. Canada is our neighbor and close friend, but relocating there is far different than visiting it.

It is understandable why so many Americans want to live in Canada; it is a huge country where you can live comfortably. If you like the cold, the weather in Canada will suit your well. Canada is safe, quiet, and friendly.

International Household Moving to Canada

Canada is one of SDC International Shipping’s most popular relocation destinations. Many Americans move there for work, more to retire, but most of them are Canadian citizens moving to reunite with family. Whatever the reason, SDC International Shipping moves clients to Canada regularly and has the experience to move your family there successfully.

We assume that before you decided to move there, you visited Canada and the specific city you are moving to several times. If not, you should do so right now. It is necessary to have an address and an understanding of the dwelling size you are moving to.

Houses in most Canada are affordable, more or less comparable in size and price to many American locations. You should be able to accommodate most of your belongings easily. If you haven’t yet found a place to live, revisit your target city and ask a realtor to show you around.

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One more good thing about moving to Canada is that they also have the same electricity on top of speaking the same language. This means that your major household appliances will work there. All electronics will work in Canada just like they do in the USA without difficulty (outside of certain mobile phones).

It would help if you considered sending your entire household to Canada, including furniture, kitchen, and leisure gear. While most of the things available in the US will be available there, the prices and quality will still be better in the US, and replacing your entire household will be far costlier than shipping your belongings to Canada.

The move to Canada will include many manual transfers of items from one truck to another, and perhaps through customs and storage facilities. We recommend that you use SDC International Shipping’s professional packing service to minimize the potential damage to your family’s belongings.

If you send any fragile or odd-sized pieces, please let your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist know about it as early as possible, so our movers can come prepared. When necessary, custom crates can even be built.

International Car Shipping to Canada

If you are moving to Canada, you can take your American car with you. Many of our clients have driven their cars to Canada by themselves. If your move to Canada is a close one, this is a viable option, but you still have to understand the difference between driving there on vacation and taking it there permanently.

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When you take your car permanently to Canada, you are taking it to a foreign country, with different laws and regulations that must be met. If you move from Michigan to Indiana, usually, you just need to stop by the department of motor vehicles and change your tags. When you move from Michigan to Ontario, you will need to have your car fitted to meet Canadian standards.

Most cars sold in the USA, but not all, can be imported into Canada. Many of them need some modification. A full list of cars is available here. We recommend that you consult the Registrar of Imported Vehicles site for updated official information.

Other vehicles that you can send to Canada when you move include recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, ATV’s and motorcycles. Please note that the process for sending boats is different. It is actually easier to send a boat to Canada than its trailer. For updated information, see this site.

Canadian Customs and Regulations

Returning Canadian citizens and immigrants are exempt from paying duties on used goods.

If you qualify for a tax holiday, you will also bring a licensed motor vehicle without taxes. If you don’t qualify, you will have to pay some taxes dependent upon the car’s age, etc.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will need to get a visa to settle in the country. While most of our clients manage to gain immigration visas, for non-citizens, the process can take many months, and you will usually need the help of a Canadian attorney.

If you are having difficulties, you might want to consider the path of the provincial nominee programs. If you are an IT professional, you usually won’t have a problem, as well many other professions provided for in the USMCA agreements.

If you don’t qualify under one of these schemes, try getting a job with a company with a presence in both Canada and the USA. If you work at a company like this for a year, you can relocate to Canada with that company.

Moving to Canada Checklist

  • Contract SDC International Shipping. The earlier we know about your move, the better we will be able to serve you.
  • You will need to get permanent resident or immigration visas – Consulting this Canadian government site for information will be a good first step. While it is possible to obtain the permits if you already are in the country, they highly recommend that you do this before you come to the country.
  • If you are moving to Canada to work, you will need to get a special visa before entry. We advise to first try an immigration visa, as when you move with a work visa you will have to exit Canada when you stop working.
  • Canada is a different country. You will need to set up a Canadian bank account and make sure that you will be able to make transfers.
  • One of the easiest things about moving to Canada from the US is that they use the same telephone system. The same “+1” that you use in the USA works in Canada. Unless your phone is locked, you should be able to use it in Canada.

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International Shipping Options

Canada is a huge country, larger than the United States. Most Canadians live close to the country’s southern border with the USA. Edmonton is probably the furthest north major population center, and that too is only a few hundred miles from the US.

Shipments to Canada must be made in trucks, overland. For almost any other location in the world, we would send your cargo via sea shipment. For shipments to Canada, we aren’t allowed to. However, there is some good news about this.

There is no real limit to the number of things you can send to Canada. When we send shipments to Europe, for example, most clients have to limit what they are sending to the contents of a 20’ shipping container, which can hold about 1100 cubic feet of storage when packed by professionals. When you move to Canada, you can send 400 cubic feet or 1450 cubic feet, whatever makes sense for your family.

If you don’t yet have a permanent address in Canada, you might want us to store your things for you. Our warehouses can store your things as long as you need. If you are moving to Canada temporarily, we can store a portion of your belongings and ship the remainder to your Canadian home. If you are moving permanently, you can send your shipment 6 months after you enter the country and still enjoy your tax holiday.

Shipments to Canada from the USA can take anywhere from a week to 3 weeks, depending on location.

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