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International Moving Company to Belgium

Published on Jul 16, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

SDC International Shipping is an international moving company with many years of experience relocating our clients to Belgium. Relocating to Belgium will be an exciting family event, but you will have to deal with some challenges accompany the relocating, and SDC is here to help.

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01 | International Moving Company to Belgium from USA
02 | International Household Moving to Belgium
03 | International Car Shipping to Belgium
04 | Belgium Customs and Regulations
05 | Moving to Belgium Checklist
06 | International Shipping Options

International Moving Company to Belgium from USA

The height of modernity and steeped in history, classic Europe, and cutting edge, Belgium has it all and is the destination of many Americans who want to move to Europe permanently. While the typical Belgian speaks a number of languages, you can usually get along in English.

Similar to its larger neighbor, France, when you move to Belgium from the United States, you will want to bring most of your household items and personal goods and effects. Belgium is the country you’ve chosen to live in, but it is far from simple to leave all of your American conveniences behind, many of them are not readily available in Belgium.

It is quite common for SDC International Shipping to be contracted by many tourists in the USA from Belgium who wants to ship furniture back to their homes. Mattresses and bedroom sets are commonly bought during vacations in the United States, and we send them back to Belgium for them. Other furniture that you already own will be far more expensive in Europe. If you have not lived outside of the European Union for a period of at least 12 months, you will most likely have to pay tax when importing into Belgium.

International Household Moving to Belgium

SDC International Shipping has specialized in international household moving to Belgium for decades. Knowing how to move your household items to Belgium is essential. We will make efforts to ensure that your valued possessions arrive in Belgium with as little damage as possible while at the same time trying to minimize the amount of actual space your shipment occupies.

Our movers will carefully remove the legs and stands of most tables and beds. They will wrap furniture for protection using a combination of plastic wrap, cloth, and carton padding as is appropriate for each piece. We use quality materials to prevent as much damage as possible. However, with multiple handling, many truck journeys, and a long time crossing the sea, some minor damage is inevitable, and don’t believe anyone promising you perfection.

Outside of furniture, you will want to take most of your personal effects on your international household move to Belgium. You can reduce costs by packing yourself, but we highly recommend using SDC International Shipping’s professional packing service. As with furniture, our movers know how to protect your belongings. In addition, items that you pack by yourself can’t be insured against damage.

Our moving team will bring new boxes that are specially designed for moving, including special ones for mirrors and artwork. If you have unusually shaped items or particularly valuable items, custom crates can be created that will provide maximum protection.

Major appliances from the US will not work in Belgium. You will be better off purchasing ranges, dishwashers, etc., when you settle in Belgium. However, you shouldn’t expect problems with the majority of electronics in Belgium. All that you need to verify is if the electricity input of your device is 110/220 v. (You only need to check the input, not output).  Most TVs, console games, computers, and their monitors, phones, and other devices should work. If you have any doubts, ask your SDC relocation specialist.

You will not be permitted to sell your goods in Belgium for at least 12 months.

International Car Shipping to Belgium

Belgium is a great location, and most of Europe is easily accessible by roadways. Ship your vehicle with you or motorcycle if you have one. In most cases, you can do this without paying import duties. Motor vehicles should be at least six months old and registered to you in the US to avoid problems. Just like household goods, the EU regulations require that you have not lived in any EU country for the past 12 months.

Otherwise, you will pay import duty and the 21% VAT for the vehicle. The vehicle’s title should have the name of the person moving to Belgium in it, and the car’s registration should be the same as the shipment assignee.  These will need to be provided before your vehicle is picked up for shipment. It is a good idea to translate records into French or Dutch.

As with household goods, you will not be permitted to sell your vehicle for at least a year.

Belgium Customs and Regulations

Belgium is a member of the European Union and hosts its parliament. The official European Customs Union policy governs the Belgian regulations and customs. As with all European, there are some slight differences, such as the VAT rate, which is 21% in Belgium. This website provides the current official policies of Administration Générale des Douanes et Accises (the Belgian customs authority), published in French and Dutch.

It is always recommended to contact the Belgian consulate closest to you with specific questions, as the official information published is limited. French, German, and Dutch information telephone is available directly from Belgium.

There are few limits to importing used belongings to Belgium for your personal use. As long as you are shipping is legal and belongs to you, there should be little difficulty getting them in Belgium. You must prepare a thorough and accurate and list of the goods that you are sending. This list will be prepared for you when you use SDC International Shipping’s professional loading and/or packing services. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for this list, so supervise and double check it! This list will be important for your shipment insurance, so be careful with it.

Be careful not to use “new wood”, or readily available pallets, as these often contain humidity preventing measures and mold inhibiting products which will need to be declared and conform to Belgian safety and health regulations. SDC International Shipping will use only packaging materials that are suitable for international shipments and meet EU regulations. It is best to leave the crating and palletizing to us.

Commercial shipments follow different rules. You must obtain an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) before shipment if your shipment will include commercial goods. This number will be valid throughout the European Union, but you should request it from Belgium you are shipping there.

Moving to Belgium Checklist

Here is a short moving to Belgium checklist. Once you have contracted SDC to relocate you, start preparing:

  • Immigration visa.
  • If you are a citizen of an EU country, you will need to show that you have been living abroad for at least 12 months.
  • If your shipment includes commercial goods, request an EORI number. See this site for Belgium’s forms.
  • Medical documents, birth certificates, driver’s licenses (even if you’re not bringing a vehicle) and school records for all family members.
  • Motor vehicle records if shipping a car or motorcycle
  • University and high school diplomas, professional qualifications and degrees.

International Shipping Options

All of the common shipping options are available to you from SDC International Shipping. In addition to the standard options of 20’ containers, 40’ containers, we offer additional options that will make sense for any sized shipment. Air freight is used when appropriate, as is less than full container load shipping options.

If you aren’t in an incredible rush to get your things, SDC offers groupage consolidation shipments that can reduce your overall cost and give you added flexibility. Sending 1300 cubic feet? Don’t want to pay for an entire container if you’re sending 800 cubic feet? Ask your relocation specialist.

Planning your move will be an important factor in choosing the international shipping options for your move to Belgium. SDC International Shipping has storage facilities in both the United States and in Europe. The earlier we know your plans, the better we can try to coordinate your move to get your belongings to Belgium as close to your target date as possible.

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