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International Moving Company to Australia

Australia is a great country, but moving there is not easy. As Australia has many regulations that need to be carefully followed, employing a company like SDC International Shipping, an experienced international moving company to Australia, is an absolute must. A lot of work needs to be done, so start early. If you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, this process could take over a year.

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01 | International Household Moving to Australia
02 | International Car Shipping to Australia
03 | Australian Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Australia Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

Australia is a popular relocation destination for many Americans. Some move for the work, some to retire, some to be reunited with family, some want a second home to live in pleasant weather all year long. Whatever the reason, SDC International Shipping moves clients to Australia regularly and has the experience to move you there successfully.

International Household Moving to Australia

Understandably, so many Americans want to live in Australia, it is a huge country where they speak English and appreciate Americans. However, not everything you are accustomed to from home will be available in Australia, and you should bring them with you when you relocate.

Your personal effects should come with you to your new home. You will want to bring many things, from your sporting equipment (if you fish, definitely bring all of your equipment, but make sure to clean it first thoroughly) to your book collection, and of course your furniture.

Major appliances won’t work in Australia and need to be left behind; you’ll get new ones in Australia. Expect the typical Australian dwelling to be more or less comparable to their American counterparts. Apartments and houses in Australia are similar to typical American apartments and houses, so sending your furniture should be a good option.

Household goods, including personal and family items, should definitely relocate with you. However, be very careful to avoid sending anything to Australia that has been in contact with animals. If you are bringing a dog or a cat, you will have to start planning their immigration early.

If you have special fragile items you want to send to Australia, they might require special handling. SDC International Shipping’s professional movers are trained in taking care of these items, use professional packers. If you pack by yourself, you will be unable to insure your shipment against damage.

Special cartons for mirrors and paintings will be brought by our movers. We can build custom crates for items that require extra protection or of an odd size when necessary. Some items, such as motorcycles, are usually both crated and secured.

Electronics typically will work in Australia without difficulty. All you usually need to do is get a simple plug adapter or a cord that plugs into your device’s power adapter. The electricity in Australia is 230 V, and their plug shape is unique. Computers, game consoles, computer screens, TVs, phones, etc., should all work when you get to Australia, so you should bring your small devices with you and send the larger ones in your shipment.

International Car Shipping to Australia

Importing a car to Australia from the United States is usually not practical. Most automobiles will not be approved for import. In Australia, they drive on the left, and the steering column is on the right. You will not be able to import a car to Australia unless you have obtained a permit to do so before shipping, and this permission more than likely won’t be given.

However, motorcycles are usually OK. As are jet skis and boats. These will all need to be thoroughly cleaned before sending. Vehicle registration will need to be provided. Check requirements, but bring.

Australian Customs and Regulations

Australia is a continent the size of the continental United States. They have unique wildlife both on land and sea and judiciously protect them.  This website provides current official policies of the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ policy of personal effects importation to Australia. Please review the information there as it is their official policy.

When you import used goods in your shipment, you are usually not charged import duties. There is a tax known as the GST, which is a sales tax and is 10%. If you are importing new items or some things that don’t meet Australia’s import criteria, you will be charged at this rate. If you are relocating to Australia, you need to check the specific import and customs regulations, as they differ greatly from most countries. Most information is available online, and the permit requested can be filled in on the web. See the links in this article. It is recommended triple checking with an Australian consulate.

Your shipping list will be necessary at. Movers from SDC International Shipping will prepare this list for you if we load your shipment. If you opt to self-load, you will have to prepare this list yourself. This inventory list will also be used for your shipment insurance, so double check it. Australia is very particular about the inventory list requirements, for instance, requiring similar items consecutively. They want towels in boxes 7 and 8, not 7 and 18.

Importing alcohol to Australia can be done, but it will be taxed, and there is no special allotment for immigrants. There is an intricate scale of alcohol types, total alcohol amount, and tax rates. You will likely end up paying as much as you would locally. Best to bring only specially valuable bottles.

Moving to Australia Checklist

An important part of moving to Australia is to be “nominated” or sponsored. If you have family connections, you can have them sponsor you. Otherwise, it is a good idea to seek out employment. Australia has an industry of specialized migration agents and lawyers who will help with this. See this site for help.

  • Immigration or permanent resident visas – You should start this process as soon as you think you want to move. Consult this Australian government site for information.
  • Proof of good citizenship or equivalent from your local police department
  • Personal documents for the whole family (birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records). You will probably need to show that you are in good health
  • School records going back as far as possible –include primary school records if you have them.
  • Pets require special certifications starting 6 months before relocation. Americans are not required to put their dogs and cats in quarantine if they have all of them have undergone the process. See this site.
  • Professional credentials and qualifications, college and university degrees.

International Shipping Options

Australia is a huge country, but most of its population lives near the coast. Almost everyone in Australia is easily served by large, modern seaports. Even the capital Canberra is well served, though it is relatively from the closest major port in Sydney.

Any size shipment can be sent to Australia. From our experience, most clients sending to Australia opt for full-sized containers. The particular logistics of Australia usually make it the most sensible method. Smaller shipments can also be sent, but make sure to use only new boxes, and let us make the pallets for you.

You can pack and load your own shipment, but this is likely to trigger an inspection. For many reasons, the best shipping option to Australia is SDC International Shipping’s full packing service.

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