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International Moving Companies Reviews

Published on Jul 31, 2019 by Kfir Cohen

How do you select an international moving company? It is far from easy. Most people will only move overseas once or twice a lifetime.

And as services should always be purchased from companies in the country where you currently reside, it is very difficult to get advice from friends or relatives, as very few of these would have made the same move that you are now planning and will have little advice to offer.

As with almost every other serious purchase decision we make today, our main source of information is the Internet.

It’s a great first source of information, but what you read there needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This true not only of international moving company reviews but also of a host of other industries as well. It is really hard to know when you are reading a reliable source. 

International Moving Company Reviews & recommendations

We recommend that you only speak directly to moving companies. Ignore anyone trying to get you to send your information on a web form advertising multiple quotes, it will only result in your being harassed by a slew of lead companies.

Find several moving companies yourself, call them, and speak with them in-depth about your move. Only after you have winnowed down your choice of a service provider to a few companies, then try checking movers reviews for the individual companies. 

To help the selection process, don’t even consider any company that has not been licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission for international shipments. They are the government body tasked with ensuring reliable international shipping.

Their database can be found here. If the company isn’t in that database they are unregulated and probably only selling your information to someone else. Also, be aware of official-sounding groups that are not really backed by government authority.

There are many such groups out there, and it is difficult to know if it is an actual industry representative.

There are a few things you can check: does the web site address ends in .gov, does the organization have a readily accessible roster of members, does this list measure in the thousands? If you are looking at a review from something similar, look again. 

Your first choices should always be companies that are willing to send someone out to give you a visual quote, or to invite you in to see their warehouse where your belongings will be handled or stored. You may not be particularly interested in doing either of these activities, but an international moving company that is worthy of its name should be able to offer both.

Of course, we highly recommend contracting with SDC International Shipping for your international shipment under all circumstances!

International Moving Company ReviewsReliable Source

There are only a few reliable sources of genuine international moving company reviews. Before publishing reviews these sites make certain of several crucial aspects of the review.

The reviewer is identified as a genuine client of the company he is reviewing. Unfortunately, many fake review sites pay people with no connection whatsoever to write reviews.

  • The international moving company has a way to identify that any complaints about are actual and is offered a way to respond to them. This has to be available without the demand of payment from the moving company or the client. We’ve received actual complaints against us for moves executed by a different moving company. A genuine review site lets us rectify errors that are bound to occur occasionally.
  • There has to be some sort of process for the resolution of conflicts.
  • The review site should be objective. Payment for prominent placement or favorable reviews should never be permitted.

The few reliable sources are:

  • The Google business directory – just Google the name of the moving company, and on the right-hand side of your results screen you should see the International Moving Companies reviews. If there aren’t any, you should carefully reconsider this company. They might not be legitimate.
  • The Better Business Bureau – go to BBB site and search for the international moving company by name.
  • Yelp — meets the above criteria of fair review sites.

From our experience, all of these sites are reliable and will give you a clearer picture about International Moving Companies reviews. 

International Moving Company Reviews Websites

Unfortunately, Google results are easily cluttered by companies dedicated to either garnering your information to sell to second rate moving companies or to get you to “click-through” fake reviews written by fake clients. If you look for reviews of international moving companies, be prepared to be swamped by pages and pages of Google results of bogus “international moving review” web sites providing no real information.

Beware of sites that provide too many reviews, or too few reviews. They’re not real. Beware of sites that provide many reviews over a short period of time. The best way to get really reliable information isn’t to start with reviews, it is to conclude with them. First, find the companies that you are interested in, and only then look for reviews of them. 

When you look for international moving Companies reviews, stay away from any site that talks about “the best international moving companies” or “top XX international moving companies” should be avoided at all costs. These are not genuine sites, they are a scheme.

You will see similar “review” sites for other industries as well, such as web hosting, credit cards or home insurance. It is the ugly side of the internet, confusing with misinformation designed to extort money out of honest service providers.

One of the ugliest things on the Internet is when these fake sites try to “ask” for money to “edit” their review.

Even large companies like SDC International Shipping have been victims of “shakedown” sites that publish negative reviews and ask us for money to remove them. Stick to the widely recognized honest providers of customer reviews listed above and ignore everything else.

Real International Moving Company Reviews

As we said, the first recommendation is to use the reliable sources that we have listed above.

Additional good sources can be the companies themselves. More important than the review will be the reliability of the quote for international moving services.

The quote is the real international moving company review.

SDC International Shipping firmly believes that moving quotes should be as inclusive as possible.

At the end of the day, the cost of moving is going to be fairly similar for most moves.

There are certain economies of scale that large companies like SDC International Shipping can take advantage of to lower costs somewhat, but sending a container from New York to Italy will be the same for any service provider.

[If you are sending smaller shipments to Europe or Australia, we can offer significant savings.]

If an international moving company is offering you a price that is substantially lower anything else you have heard, you don’t need to read reviews. They are not an honest company. They aren’t telling you about all of the costs and are expecting you to win you over without close scrutiny. 

The real difference between companies is in their experience. How many containers have they shipped this month? Do they have their own moving crews? Do they have their own warehouses? Ask these questions.

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