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International Household Shipping during COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to the standard shipping routines for both people of the US and abroad. As the WHO is suggesting social distancing and lockdowns, the shipping industry is still working day and night to move the essential things from one point to another. 

If you are looking for international household shipping from the USA, we have covered everything for you. Most of the countries are still operating their shipping line up in this lockdown, but they have changed their guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone. It’s important to know what are the new changes so that you can plan accordingly. You can also call us directly to get a quick quote for your shipping.

International Household Shipping during Coronavirus Pandemic - COVID-19

Are International Household Shipping Services Still Available during Coronavirus lockdown?

As of now, most of the countries are operating as usual. Many shipping companies are functioning this hard time to help people ship to their destinations. At SDC, we are working entirely in the UK, Spain, Dubai, and other GCC countries. 

Shipping is a fundamental part of an economy, and that’s why companies are operating adhering to WHO’s safety regulations and hygiene guidelines. Although companies have changed some guidelines relevant to the current situation, it’s for ensuring minimizing the corona spread.

So yes, international household shipping services are still active, and you can directly contact us to know more about it. We can help you with an instant quote and update information regarding where you are shipping. Give a call for household shipping assistance. As most of the countries are fully operational through sea freight, SDC ensures seamless and quick international household shipping.

What is different during coronavirus lockdown than usual?

The significant differences during the coronavirus lockdown is in operational guidelines and shipping modes. For ensuring the safety of workers and customers, companies are following instructions by WHO and local federal authorities. Now, social distancing has become a norm while operating the shipping operations. Workers need to wear masks, gloves, maintain a needful distance from other workers and customers, and so on. 

Another significant change is in the shipping method. Currently, most of the companies are operating through the sea rather than air. Most of the countries have only allowed shipping through the sea as the air operations are shut amid lockdown. But, as a customer, you don’t have to worry if you need immediate shipping, we at SDC helps you ship the goods faster and safer.

New and Different shipping policies from different countries

Some of the countries like Spain, the UK, Dubai, and other GCC countries have changed their shipping guidelines. However, most of the instructions are for the shipping companies, and you need to know if you are shipping to any of these below places.


International household shipping is functional from the US to Spain with some revised guidelines. If you are shipping to Spain, they will perform PMS on behalf of you by Video Conference to avoid physical interaction amid the infection spread. The majority of the shipping companies are using sea freight for household shipping as air operations are inactive due to safety regulations.

United Kingdom:

For international household shipping from the US to the UK, companies are operating through the sea so you won’t face any issue in shipping. Air transportation is not available from other countries as only domestic air operations are allowed in the UK. Companies here are following safety guidelines given by local federal authorities and WHO.

Dubai and other GCC countries:

Dubai and other GCC countries are operating with their full potential in coronavirus lockdown by adhering to recommended safety guidelines. All sea shipping operations are functional in Dubai and other GCC countries. Air operations are operating under certain timing and carrying capacity restrictions.

COVID-19 International Shipping policies in Spain

Following are the new changes in the international shipping policies in Spain that all companies are following:

  • Air terminals are operating as usual for cargo, but only PAX (Port-de-Paix) flights are impacted by the lockdown.
  • Passenger flights are shut till further notice. No country is allowed to fly to Spain as of now.
  • The freighters are flying normally, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the capacity is being reduced and revised.
  • All the ports are working as usual, and all operations are 100% functional. 

COVID-19 International Shipping policies in the UK

The UK is operating as usual during the coronavirus pandemic as only air travel and freight have been affected due to the lockdown. Following are the key updates in the UK’s household shipping policy:

  • Household and other international shipping are only available through the sea.
  • Only domestic cargo flights are operations as of now.
  • The companies are now providing a full port to door delivery services amid the lockdown.
  • All sea freight line up is operating at a lower cost to provide some relaxation to the customers. 

COVID-19 International Shipping policies in Dubai and GCC countries

Dubai and other GCC countries are operating both air and sea freight, but the carrying capacities are reduced for air transportation. 

  • All international household shipping operations are functional, including significant countries, including the USA and the EU region.
  • Sea freight and ports are 100% functional, and the workers will also drop your shipment at your place adhering to all safety guidelines.
  • All the GCC countries are fully operational through the sea and partially functional through air transportation.

SDC offers Special Discount for International Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

SDC is committed to providing quality and reliable international household services from the USA to other countries. In this hard time, we have cut the shipping prices for almost all the nations by 10-20%, and all the above destinations are covered under this price update. We follow all the safety and hygiene guidelines while shipping your goods worldwide.

Are you planning to ship immediately from the US? We are here to help. Contact us and get a quick shipping quote and know more about the updated shipping policies of the respective country—ship safer with SDC.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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