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How to Move to Europe

Now more than ever, following recent arguably drastic changes in the U.S and the fact that the world seems smaller each day with the evolution of technology, moving to Europe from the USA seems utterly appealing. Whether it`s the enchanting culture, magical landscapes, or great social benefits – moving to Europe sounds great, but where to exactly?

A Country for Every Preference

Europe is home to 44 countries, so first off you will have to narrow down the possibilities based on basic standards. Fundamentally, English is common among a few regions and countries like the UK, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands, while some other parts of Europe like Spain, Italy, and France are less known for outstanding command of English.

Each country in Europe has its own prominent characteristics. France for instance, is known for its exquisite food, opulent fashion, and romantic vibe, but living there means speaking near perfect French and spending more money. Germany is an engineer`s paradise with world class transport systems and cutting edge science research facilities, as well as great cultural experiences like the “Oktoberfest” festival and art fairs. Living in Germany will also mean speaking German which is a difficult language to learn. Spain is home to generous people, great weather, stunning beaches, and great food. However, like the previous countries mentioned above you will have to learn a bit of Spanish. Living in Spain will be relatively cheaper, if you find a job off course.

Costs and Other Barriers

Generally speaking, the cost of living is fairly cheaper in Europe with gas and transportation being more expensive than in the USA, while healthcare and education is cheaper or even free. Taking these into consideration will effectively help you sort through a fair amount of countries.

Beyond language barriers, bureaucracy can be a decisive factor when choosing a country in Europe. While a traveling visa is only valid for 90 days, some countries allow a year-valid-visa like France, and some other countries will even offer a “job seeker visa” like Austria. Looking through the immigration policy of your desired country is a crucial step you have to take as well as looking at other aspects like banking options and driver’s license policies.

Finally, the most important factor is work. Being able to find work in your profession and job opportunities in any country is highly essential. In addition, many countries target American workforce for certain fields which can help you start living your European dream.

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