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How To Move A Piano Hassle Free

Do not be deceived by the massive appearance of the piano; it is delicate and fragile. One wrong move can damage your piano beyond repairs. Pianos are pretty heavy,  grand pianos can weigh as much as 1,500  pounds or as little as 500 pounds. As for upright models, it may weigh as little as 300 pounds if it’s less than 50 inches high.  It takes a lot of planning to move a piano from one place to another.

Moving a piano is not as simple as moving furniture. The entire process can be so complex that there are people specially trained to move it. Moving companies may provide this service. You will find companies that specialize in moving pianos. Hiring licensed professionals who undergo special training to perform the particular task at hand is the logical thing to do in most cases, especially when you have lots of stairs or very narrow hallways.

Why you’d want to stick to professional movers

The idea of having to spend extra bucks on moving just for a piano is understandably frustrating, and you might be tempted to move your piano by yourself, but the risks are too many to ignore. Your lack of the appropriate equipment to move your piano safely makes the idea even worse. If moving the piano means bringing it down, staircases will be an issue that includes narrow hallways and elevators. Inexperienced movers are prone to miscalculations, and the results are nothing short of disastrous. Also, moving a piano by yourself without experience or after a 3 minutes youtube video on your first search can lead to horrific injuries leaving you with one hefty hospital bill. Repairing a damaged piano is not cheap.

With all these considered, you probably want to get yourself some professional assistance. And in case you are wondering, hiring professional help may cost you between $700-$2,500 depending on some factors such as the distance between your old home and new, moving equipment needed based on your type of piano.  Many things can go wrong when moving a piano by yourself. If you are still willing to take the risk, then here is our suggested step-by-step process to minimize the stress of moving your piano without professional assistance.


Before you get your piano ready for the move, you first need to make the necessary measurements to ensure you can move your piano out of the house into the new home swiftly. You would rather have to measure the width of your hallways. Remember, the more narrow the hall, the higher the chances of bumping the piano when moving it. Next, you have to measure the hallways of the new house and assert yourself of the location of your piano because this might very well be the permanent location of your new home. Another tip is to plan your route, so you know the exact path to take.

Acquisition of equipment materials

Under no circumstance should you attempt to move your piano without equipment? Remember, this equipment will ensure your safety and that of your piano. This equipment will ensure that your move is smooth and maximize the risk of damage. Now there are several types of equipment to use all depending on the conditions. If you have to take it, you need to rent a ramp.

A ramp will help you bring down the piano without stressing yourself. You need to get yourself a heavy-duty furniture dolly for an upright piano or a piano board for a grand or baby grand piano. You would want to get a couple of screws suitable for the screws of your piano for disassembly. You need to get moving blankets and strong tapes and ropes to keep the moving blankets in place when you wrap the piano. Next, you need to get a ramp for the back of the truck for ease when loading the piano in the moving truck, this may not qualify as equipment, but it will come in handy. Typically, you need about four people to efficiently move a piano, which means you need to get about three capable friends; one of the four usually serves as a lookout to direct the movers.

Moving the piano

Now before you attempt to move the piano, first, you need to disassemble it. This is where the screwdrivers come in handy. You need to remove the casters; these are strictly decorative. You also need to remove the piano lid. To disassemble the piano’s legs, you need to lift one side, remove the leg of that side, and lay the piano on its side. Remember placing the piano carefully on its side won’t cause any damage to the piano. Next, you wrap the disassembled parts in the individual moving blank, securer them with tape and ropes, put or screws and small items in a bag and label it. Now you need to wrap the piano itself in moving blankets, then secure it with tape ropes and straps. Now you need to load the parts of the piano at a safe place in the truck. In moving a grand piano, you’ll need three people at the side of the piano to lift it while the fourth person carefully positions the piano board under it.  When moving an upright piano, you will need at least three people to lift it while the fourth person places the dollies underneath it. Now carefully make your way to the back of the truck. While loading, due to the piano’s uneven weight, you assign more people at the heaviest part of the piano and slowly send the piano up the ramp. Move the piano to the back of the truck and heavily strap it to secure it while you move. 

 Unloading the piano

Now carefully bring the piano down the ramp, still acknowledging the uneven weight of the piano. Now carefully make your way from the truck to the new location of the piano in the house. For a grand piano, lay it on its side again, unwrap it, and attach two of its legs, and once standing (still with the support of you and your friends), connect the third leg and the other disassembled parts. For the upright piano, lift it off the dollies and unwrap it. After successfully reassembling the piano, leave it acclimate to its new environment. Remember to tune the piano after 2-3 weeks after settling in.

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