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How to Choose the Best Moving Company In L.A.

Moving to Los Angeles can be an amazing and welcome change to your life. Whether your dream is taking on Hollywood and whether you are just interested in a change of scenery, the opportunities this amazing city offers are endless. The first and most basic step you should take once you decide to move, is choosing one of the international moving companies that will help you go through with your journey. But how can you know you’re choosing the best one?

International Moving Companies to Los Angeles

If you don’t live in America, you will need to find an international moving company. It is recommended to do so at least two months prior to your planned moving date, especially if it’s during summer. Get assessments from several companies before you choose the one you work with. These assessments will let you know the approximate cost of the move once a representative from the moving company evaluates your possessions. This is your first tip – only choose a company that’s willing to send someone over to provide a written estimate – this will prevent surprises on your moving day.

Choosing the Shipping Method

International moving companies have a few methods of delivering your belongings from continent to continent. You have the door-to-door option, which is preferable in many costumer’s opinion, because it means that the movers are taking care for most of the hassles. The moving company will pick up everything from your old home, then they will deliver it the port. Once it arrives to its destination in LA the moving company will pick it up from the port and deliver right to your new home. This is your second tip – choose a company that seems professional and offers a variety of options so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

moving company to los angeles


There’s nothing better than learning from the experience of others. Ask for recommendations from previous customers. Respectable service providers should have no problem providing you with several ones.

Accreditation & Insurance

Make sure you choose a company that can show you their accreditation and insurance policy. Even if you don’t understand half of what’s written in it, it goes to show they’re serious about running their business.

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