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How Does International Moving Works?

International moving is a complex matter, but also an exciting opportunity full of experience and fun. If you have made the decision to relocate to a new country, you are about to go on a great adventure beyond your familiar borders, literally and figuratively. You are about to encounter new cultures and customs, but before all that you will have to also go through some technical issues.

Once you relocate, you will join 3% of the world’s population, who are living outside their country of origin. In a time when globalism increases and people are more open to experience different cultures, international moving and relocating is on the rise. The number of things to do and prepare before the big move might be a bit overwhelming, but here you can get a better sense of what needs to be done.

What to Prepare Before You Pack

When you have an international moving shipping experience ahead of you, you need to think about what the most important things to take with you are. You will start all over in a new home, and some of your belongings are necessary to take with you, while others are better bought when you arrive to your country of destination.

We recommend to go for the kitchen supplies first, as it might take a while to pack all of them. Next, it would be best to go through all closets and cabinets, get everything you need nicely packed, so you won’t forget anything. It is crucial to be ready for a few messy days, without access to your belongings. Pack a suitcase with everything you are going to need for up to a week without the rest of your things.

How to Properly Pack Everything

International shipping moving requires you to pack your entire house into boxes, so you have to do it in an organized way, in order to have a simple and easy unpacking experience. It is important to be able to unpack easily, so you will have more time to deal with all other issues of relocating to a new country.

For the packing itself, it is recommended to go room-by-room and pack similarly purposed objects together. Take a good look around the room and try to figure out what you are able to leave behind. Once you start packing, number your boxes and make a list of the items going into each box.

International Moving Companies

Even before you start packing, you will have to find a good and reliable international moving company. Make sure to look for companies that send a representative to give an estimate on the price of shipping all of your possessions. This will help you prepare for the packing process and you will be able to organize everything you need.

For the shipping method, most international shipping moving companies offer two main methods. You can ship your belongings by air, it is the fastest way to ship but also the most expensive one. The cheaper, more popular method, is shipping by sea, where it will take a bit longer to ship everything, depending on the ship’s route.

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