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A Guide to Shipping Methods

International shipping is required in many circumstances, whether commercial or private. When one chooses to relocate to another country, and sometimes even another continent, international shipping is in order. And when one undertakes such a task, one usually wishes to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with world class shipping services.

Choosing the international shipping service provider is crucial for receiving high-end solutions and service. It is important to hire a professional company which offers its customers a wide range of services. And when it comes to relocation and shipping services, you may have a lot of unanswered questions regarding which shipping method is the best one for you or your company’s needs.

Here’s a short yet concise guide to shipping methods that will help you get a better grab on the two major methods you can use for shipping your baggage. All you need to do is pick one.

Sea Freight

The first shipping method and probably one of the most efficient ones is sea shipping. This type of shipping is executed on board of a ship, and can be the ideal answer for any person or company who are looking to ship freights of any size or weight internationally. Cargo ships can basically carry any kind of freight – from small items to large and complicated ones and it can even carry unique types of cargo that may warrant more attention.

This method is also less expensive compared with air freight. The ability to carry any size and weight of cargo combined with affordable prices, is probably the reason why this is the most efficient shipping method. One important thing to keep in mind though is the period of time it takes for the ship to arrive – it will usually take longer than air freight.

Air Freight

Continuing with the second and probably most popular shipping method among most clients – air freight. This method of shipping is done by aircraft and the main advantage of this method – is time. When you or your company ship items internationally using air freight, the cargo will probably arrive to its destination only a few days after you’ve sent it, at worst. This is why this method is the most commonly used, but it is applicable only for relatively smaller packages (you can check if your item can be shipped by air with the shipping company).SDC offers international shipping services by air or by sea, all while making sure you’ll receive the best and most professional shipping services possible. Contact us today!

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