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General Tips for Moving to Croatia

Many citizens of the United States who have visited Croatia have this tenable desire to live there for a longer period of time. For those who are ill informed about Croatia, it is a very expat-friendly country that offers a home-like environment to its visitors-turned-citizens because of its stable economy and exchange rate, lenient visa policy, peace-loving people, and cheaper prices for every commodity.

First thing’s first, you need to obtain a visa in order to move to Croatia legally. Three visa categories will entertain you in this case: Permanent stay, short-term stay, and temporary stay. If you intend to permanently live there and earn living, then obtaining temporary stay visa and getting it renewed for five consecutive years is recommended in order to obtain a permanent visa.

Croatia is a country that has its historical roots dating back to 600 AD. The people there are fun loving and have a rich taste in music, art, literature, and other interests. The currency of Croatia is Kuna. It also trades in Euro, after Croatia became the member of EU. You can either trade your US Dollars from a currency exchange dealer based in the airport you land in Croatia, or you can get from any local money changer.

Additionally, there are several historical spots for you to explore in Croatia. The rich history in art, drama and music will entertain you in throughout your stay. Finding an apartment to live there is also very easy, as your travel agent can sort it for you or the concerned office in the airport will help you finding a nice cozy apartment. Lastly, if you intend to work there, then you need to ask your employer to get permission from the government, a task easier said than done. This is because Croatian government does not issue work-permit visas to its visitors very easily.

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