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General Information Regarding Moving to Poland that Immigrants Ought to Know

Before moving to a new country you know little about, it is highly recommended to seek for the relevant information to your move, so you’ll get the basics about how to find a new job, what the job opportunities are, what the country’s languages are, and other general information to help you settle in fast and easy. If you’re considering moving to Poland, reading this article is your first step!

Moving to Poland with SDC

Job Opportunities in Poland

As the Polish economy is getting steadily stronger, jobs opportunities are varied and available to locals as well as immigrants. You can easily find lots of employment options in the main industries such as many service sectors, food processing, iron and steel, and so on and so forth. Your chances to find a job in Poland will significantly increase if you’re familiar with the local language – Polish.

How to Apply for a Job in Poland?

You can start looking for a job in Poland prior to your move, as most job opportunities can be found on the internet. You can find out about the options available to you, about the requirements each job entails, and even to apply for it online.

Another option is to apply for job opportunities through the Polish District Labor Offices – which will help you find a job that fits your experience, knowledge, and education, according to your CV.

Languages Spoken in Poland

The formal language in Poland is Polish and that is the only language you can be absolutely sure everybody will understand. Of course, lots of people speak English and German, as these are the most spoken foreign languages in Poland, but they are still quite uncommon and the Polish people are not widely familiar with them. This is why learning and knowing Polish is your best chance to find a job.

However, it is not enough to speak the local language, it is very important to remember that the Polish people are very polite, as they are very restrained and formal – so remember, being too direct with them can be taken as an insult.

Moving to Poland

Once you decide to move to Poland, the first thing you ought to do is look for an international moving company. Your best move will be to locate a professional company which will provide you with professional moving services to Poland, by experienced movers who will assist you with everything you need in the process.

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