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Fun Facts About Poland

When you decide to relocate to a new country, it is far from being an easy task. It could come as a result of a work opportunity or for love and family requirements, and either way you should do this when you are fully prepared. It is recommended to do some research and find the time to learn a little about the country you are relocating to. If Poland is your destination in this case, this article is exactly for you!

Basic Things to Know About Poland

Before moving to Poland, there are some basic details to know before your big move. For example, did you know that Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe? Yes, it is not a small country, and it is actually pretty large, bigger than the UK and Italy. The name of the country originates from the Polanie tribe name, which means “people who live in open field.”

Poland’s history is something that might remind you TV shows like Game of Thrones. The country’s medieval history is very complicated, and even in later times Poland faced attempts to be invaded and had to fight for its freedom for over 40 times. It even came to a time when Poland wasn’t showing on world maps, between 1772 to 1795.

During the Second World War, Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed. The old town in Warsaw these days is not the original one from before the war, as it was heavily bombed. The Poles rebuilt the old town after the war, they used Bernardo Bellotto’s highly detailed paintings, and this is actually the cause it resembles the way it looked in the 14th century.

Additional Facts You Should Know Before Moving to Poland

Nature in Poland is very diverse. The country has almost 800 km of seashore, and a few mountain chains. A lot of divers like to come to Poland specifically for diving expeditions and exploring old shipwrecks. Poland also has the one and only central European desert, and its name is Pustynia Bledowska.

Poland had the world’s tallest structure, until it collapsed in 1991. It was the second tallest structure that was ever built, and it reached 646.38 meters. Poland also has the world’s biggest castle, named Malbork. In total, Poland has 16 world heritage sites.

Poland also has its own version of Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on June 21, and it is called ‘Feast of St. John the Baptist Day’. On this day, as part of the traditional celebrations, men jump over bonfires and women hope for wreaths. Another important thing to remember is that Poland is one of the most religious countries in Europe, and religion is not separated from the state.

Moving to Poland

Once you have officially decided to move to Poland, you will have to make some very important preparations aside from learning about the country. Make sure to choose the right moving company to Poland and get all the permits needed in order for you to live and work legally in Poland, and have an exciting new adventure.

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