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Fun Facts about Moving to Germany

Relocating to Germany can be an amazing adventure. If you are single, in a relationship, or with a family, this wonderful country can offer so many amazing and interesting things to do, beautiful places to visit, and mesmerizing views to take in.

So besides its economic strength and the social welfare benefits the country offers, why is moving to Germany great and what are the fun facts you ought to know about it? Here are some main things you have to know before moving to Germany that will probably drive you into relocating even faster.

Clean Streets and Beautiful Architecture

Germany is a country that pays attention to the smallest details, and you can feel it walking its streets. The government invests a lot in construction and architecture, and you can see the results. The neighborhoods are lovely and you can enjoy yourself while strolling and exploring the streets, and while admiring the architecture of the buildings which combines the early years of the 20th century with modern times. If it’s important for you to walk around well-groomed areas, you are going to enjoy the German cities.

Lively Environment and Nightlife

Although it is not exactly true for all of Germany, you should know that in the biggest cities you will constantly have a variety of fun things to do. Berlin for example, is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, with many bars, clubs, markets, concerts, and restaurants – there’s always something fun to do! The city itself is very inviting and many venues are open 24/7, even if its 6 AM and you are looking for an early breakfast. As Germans are the second largest consumers of beer in the world, Germany has a flavor to accommodate every taste…

Nature and Traveling

Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe and there are a lot of places and views to visit and explore. The castle road, the wine route, and the black forest are just a few of the most famous examples, where you can travel in the country and enjoy the amazing views and the fresh air. You can enjoy either traveling with your car or hiking by yourself, in these beautiful areas that are very organized and comfortable to explore.

Moving to Germany might take some time and a lot of permits but it is definitely a country that offers a lot – for tourist and residents.

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