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From Coast to Cold – All you’ve Ever Wanted to Know on Relocation from San Francisco to Canada

As part of the world going global there are different people, from many countries, who choose to relocate their residence to another country. Believe it or not, that includes Americans. While about one million Americans have already moved down to Mexico, there are those who choose to go up – to Canada. If you live in San Francisco and are thinking about moving to Canada – here, you can find the information you need to start your relocation process.

How Much Does It Cost to move to Canada?

The prices of international shipping are based on a few parameters: distance, gas costs, fees, taxes, and more. Of course, San Francisco is pretty close to Canada, but the price will go up should you choose to send special items by air, like your car, for example. It’s hard to estimate the price just like that, and so, you would be best advised to get in touch with more than one international shipping company, and compare several price offers.

How to Get a Visa to Canada?

American citizens are very welcome in Canada. They can apply for a Canadian visa through the profession program or through the business program – what does that mean? It means that if you hold a profession and you have the experience and the knowledge, you can apply for a visa. It also means that if you have a business and want to move some of it to Canada or start a new business in Canada, you are also allowed to apply for a visa.

Find a Job in Canada

It is always better to find a job prior to the move. First, it would give you the peace of mind and confidence to make that move and secondly, it will help you with the visa process. While you’re at it, you can try and take care of other important things that will facilitate a smoother process, such as taking care of all your financial issues at home, locating a good school in Canada (you can also explore the programs they have to encourage and help your children), and looking for houses and apartments – all of which you can do online, no matter where you are in the world.

Moving Company in San Francisco

So, are you ready for the cold weather of snowy Canada? Once you’ll get the permits you need for the relocation, you can go ahead and find a few professional moving companies in San Francisco and start checking those prices!

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