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Differences between Living in the US and Living in the UK

Thinking about moving to the UK? Pondering whether to stay in the US or to relocate to England? Well, these two countries are great places to live in and offer many advantages to those who reside in them. However, they’re not the same – so let us point out some main differences between the two, just before you call an international mover to the United Kingdom.

Pay Per Live

Household income and personal salary define the level of life we can afford, but another influential parameter is the cost of living. It is widely known that it is a bit more expensive to live in the UK, as this island charges more import tax for goods from all over the world to get in the country. But, on the brighter side, the tax system is much simpler than in the US, so people are able to manage themselves with less bureaucracy.

Small Homes

The size of UK flats, or in their American name – apartments, is much smaller than a US resident might be accustomed to. Why is that? Well, the architectural design of Victorian style structures in the UK, is known to be tinier and more closed up than American style. The age of the structures is also an important parameter, as these flats are sometimes much older than American buildings.

Another thing regarding the flats is the water pressure in the UK, mainly in the big cities such as London, which feature a kind of weak pressure which is not sufficient to modern expectations. In many cases a UK resident must install a pressure enhancer to their in-house water system, which can be quite noisy.

Weather Report

Well, the US is huge, therefore there are many different regions with different climates, but when talking about the UK, the climate is typically known to be colder and more wintery as the sun doesn’t get out much, so to speak.


The famous Tube of London is just an example of how efficient and developed the UK’s public transportation system is, but the US of course is not far behind.

Whatever the differences between those two countries might be, once you decide you’re moving to the UK the best thing you could do is get in touch with a professional international mover to the United Kingdom, to get you through the process nice and easy.

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