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Cross the World with SDC International Freight Company

SDC International Shipping is an international freight company that provides hassle-free moving and shipping services at competitive rates. Each of their employees is trained extensively to ensure that all items received for shipping are in capable and experienced hands. For their customers’ peace of mind, SDC International Shipping also offers a 24/7 shipment tracking application wherein clients can track the whereabouts of their packages.

Whatever the purpose, SDC International Shipping covers all relocation needs with their assortment of professional services — air freight, international sea freight, oversize freight shipping, and overseas vehicle shipping. Clients need only contact this moving company to get a free estimate and then enjoy their hassle-free relocation experience.

Professional Moving Company takes care of everything you need
Professional Moving Company takes care of everything you need.

Different Shipping and Moving Services Offered

After SDC International Shipping receives items, these are items are properly wrapped and packed to ensure the protection and safety of the package. When the item is ready for shipping, the client must decide how he or she will send the items to other countries. This moving company offers different services for clients who need different shipping methods based on how and where they need their items shipped.

International moving air freight

Items that need to be shipped to any city in the world are usually slated for international moving air freight. International moving air freight is a service that ships items by plane and gets them to where they are supposed to be within a matter of days. This freight company also ensures that items are as safe as can be with a guarantee that items will not get lost or damaged.

International moving sea freight

The second kind of moving service this firm offers is international moving sea freight. Items such as fabrics, paper pulps, and finished goods, among others — are transported by boat and reach their destination safe and sound. International moving sea freight is most effective and efficient for moving furniture and personal household items.

Overseas vehicle shipping

For clients who need to have their cars, trucks, and other vehicles moved, SDC International Shipping offers overseas vehicle shipping. Private American citizens and car companies can ship their vehicles to other countries with the help of the company’s employees. This moving company is experienced with the different processes that one must go through before a vehicle can be shipped — from the packaging of the automobile to the Ro-Ro shipping method. They can also help clients with all the paperwork that needs to be filed.

Oversize freight shipping

The last service this moving company offers is the oversize freight shipping. Items such as motorcycles, jet skis, fragile art products, boats, and more are usually shipped through this method. SDC International Shipping also handles all the paperwork that needs to be accomplished — bill of lading and export documents, among others.

SDC International shipping is a moving company like no other. In this firm, the clients are always the priority which is why they continue to find ways make moving and shipping all the more convenient for all their patrons.

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