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Critical Review of International Moving Companies’ Reviews

How do we know if the companies’ reviews we read online are authentic and what should we ignore when looking for international moving companies’ reviews?

In these modern times every respectable company has a business website, on which you can see what services they offer, get special deals, and also check recent customers’ reviews, that will help you rate the quality of the services provided by the reviewed company and reach a more informed decision. But as we look for a suitable moving company, how do we know if the reviews are authentic or not? And what should we ignore?

International Moving Companies Reviews – Believe It or Don’t Believe It?

The reviews on commercial websites are mostly written by customers who want to help future customers make a better hiring or purchasing decision. So first, you should try to take in the tone of the review and check if the reviewer is pleased with the service or not. Naturally, it is best to make sure that the review in question is addressing the service or the product you’re about to pay for and not something else.

Too Good to Be True

If you stumble upon a review that seems way too good, something in the lines of “Oh my god! It’s the best service I have ever received in my whole life or heard of in the whole universe!” – take it with a grain of salt, as it might not be authentic. The same goes for a really bad review – if the complaint is reasonable it’s probably legit, but if it is way too personal, maybe someone is trying to damage the service provider’s reputation, so don’t be too quick to judge them by this specific review alone. So, the bottom line is to ignore superlative descriptions and the opposite.

Talk to Previous Customers Yourself

On some of the websites, you can communicate with the reviewers and ask them for further information regarding the experience they’ve had with the company – try to get as much information as you can in person, this will help you sift through the less authentic reviews.

Hire Only Professional International Moving Companies

Hiring a professional company has its benefits – first, you know you work with a licensed and insured company. Second, most of the professional companies’ employees will be experienced, so they can advise you as to how the international moving process works and help you get through it as smoothly as possible. It is also recommended to compare between different companies – what services each offers for what price – this will help you reach the best decision that perfectly meets your needs.

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