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Common Packing Mistakes in household moving

Moving to a new country and planning a household moving? Planning on packing your entire house on your own? Remember that this is just one of many things to prepare and to take care of towards the relocation, and so make sure to prepare a list of tasks so you won’t forget anything along the process.

Thinking about some of the most common packing mistakes people do when preparing for a household moving, here are some tips to those who want to pack like a pro.

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Sort Before Packing

The mistake: start packing by opening up a box and throwing things in.

The packing process has to start with sorting everything you plan on packing, including things you plan to give away. The best way to start is by dividing everything into three groups: the things you’re taking with you, the things you want to give away or donate, and the things you want to throw away. Starting by throwing out everything you don’t need and that is not in a condition to be donated, will help you in achieving an easier and more organized sorting and packing process.

Separate Items

The mistake: putting different things in the same box.

Sort everything you want to take with you by the categories that suit you best – original room, destination room, type of contents, or any other category that makes sense. Also, take notice of boxes’ fragility. Clearly and boldly mark fragile boxes.

It’s advisable to mark each box with its destination room in the new house – this makes unpacking a lot easier.

During the process, give each box a number and make a master list of all boxes and their contents.

Put Things Aside for the Moving Day and Week

The mistake: packing every last thing and leaving nothing handy.

Unfortunately, boxes that unpack themselves are yet to be invented. This means it will probably take you a couple of days to get a hold of things. In that time you’ll need some clothes, toiletry, and other items. Make sure these remain handy.

Keep Documents in Reach

The mistake: packing your documents along with everything else.

It is so very common for people to pack their documents with the rest of their things or to forget where they’ve put them. In order for you to find your flying tickets, passports, immigration permits, visa, and their ilk, keep them somewhere safe, within easy reach, and somewhere you won’t forget. A backpack you plan on taking aboard the plane is probably a good idea.

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