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Why You Shouldn’t Hire the Cheapest International Moving Company

When it comes to moving internationally, choosing the right moving company is crucial. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, there are several important reasons why you should think twice before hiring the cheapest international moving company. Here’s what you need to know:

Don't be cheap

Don’t be cheap!

Bait-and-Switch Estimates

Many unreliable moving companies employ a tactic known as bait-and-switch. They may initially provide you with a quote that seems too good to be true, only to increase the price later on. This can lead to unexpected costs and financial strain during your move.


Unprofessionalism and Lack of Insurance

Cheap moving companies are often unregistered and may operate illegally. This means they may not offer insurance or take proper safety precautions when handling your belongings. By hiring such a company, you put your possessions at risk of damage or loss without any recourse for compensation.

Bait and Switch

Scams and Fraudulent Practices

Low rates offered by some moving companies can be a sign of a moving scam. Fraudulent companies may use these enticing low prices to lure unsuspecting customers. Unfortunately, once they have your belongings, they may hold them hostage or even disappear with them entirely, leaving you with a devastating loss.


Hidden Fees and Unforeseen Costs

Some cheap movers may intentionally avoid disclosing all their fees upfront. This lack of transparency can lead to unexpected charges down the line, leaving you with a much higher bill than you initially anticipated. It’s important to have a clear understanding of all the costs involved in your move to avoid any surprises.

Don't get scammed

Low Priced International Moving Company Scams

Poor Service and Inadequate Resources

Cheap movers often lack the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to provide quality service. This can result in a range of problems, including damaged or lost items, delays in delivery, and a general lack of professionalism. Investing in a reputable moving company, even if it means paying a little more, ensures a smoother and more reliable moving experience.


In summary, while the lure of cost savings may be tempting, hiring the cheapest international moving company comes with significant risks and potential drawbacks. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and choose a reputable moving company that prioritizes your belongings’ safety and delivers quality service.


Warning Signs of a Moving Scam

To help you avoid falling victim to a moving scam, here are some warning signs to watch out for:


Large Down Payment: Legitimate moving companies usually require a small down payment, typically 20% or less of the total cost. SDC International Shipping, for example, does not require up-front deposits, nor do we charge a credit card up-front, for 99+% of our jobs.


Cash-Only Payment: If a moving company insists on cash payments only, it raises suspicions and may indicate fraudulent practices.


Extremely Low Rates: Rates significantly lower than those of other moving companies should raise concerns about the legitimacy of the business.


No Logo or Address: Lack of a company logo or a physical address can indicate that the movers are not a legitimate business.


No Bill of Lading: A bill of lading is a legal document outlining the terms and conditions of the move. If a moving company fails to provide one, it suggests a lack of professionalism.


Issues with Scheduling and Responsiveness: Difficulty in scheduling or unresponsive communication can be red flags indicating a potential scam.


Not Licensed by FMCSA: Ensure that the moving company is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to avoid dealing with unauthorized movers.


Complaints about Higher Prices: Customer reviews complaining about significantly higher prices than the initial quote are signs of potential scamming.


Charges by Cubic Footage: Charging by cubic footage instead of weight can be a tactic used by fraudulent movers to overcharge customers.


Asking for a Contract before In-Home Estimate: If a moving company asks you to sign a contract before conducting an in-home estimate, it’s a warning sign to be cautious.


Lack of Third-Party Reviews: Difficulty finding any third-party reviews or information about the moving company should raise concerns about its legitimacy.


To protect yourself from moving scams, it’s essential to be vigilant and recognize these warning signs. Always conduct thorough research and due diligence before hiring a moving company.


How to Check If a Moving Company Is Licensed

To verify if a moving company is licensed, follow these steps:


Verify the License: California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA): You can call the CMSA to check the license status of a moving company. Additionally, the CMSA provides information on navigating Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licensing requirements for international moving.


Check for Certifications: Additionally, check if the moving company is certified by reputable organizations such as the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). You can also search online directories and the Better Business Bureau for business certifications.


Request a Free Estimate: Legitimate moving companies are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to provide a free, in-home estimate. This allows you to ask questions, assess their professionalism, and get an accurate understanding of the costs involved.


Look for Red Flags: If you cannot find any information or mention of the moving company online, or if the salespeople and movers lack identification or logos, these can be red flags indicating potential illegitimate operations.


Contact Consumer Hotlines: You can contact the CMSA consumer hotline number for calls within California at (800) 672-1415. Additionally, you can file a complaint against a moving company on the BHGS website if needed.


By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can ensure that the moving company you choose is licensed, reputable, and capable of providing reliable services.

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Risks of Not Having Insurance When Moving Internationally

Moving internationally without insurance can expose you to several risks, including:


Lack of Access to Quality Healthcare: If you fall ill or require medical attention in a foreign country and don’t have international health insurance, it can be challenging to receive quality healthcare services. This lack of coverage can potentially jeopardize your well-being and lead to significant financial burdens.


Loss or Damage of Personal Belongings: During an international move, your personal belongings are vulnerable to loss or damage during transit. Without insurance, you would be responsible for bearing the financial consequences of any loss, theft, or damage that occurs.


No Coverage for Mold and Mildew: Mold and mildew are common risks during international moves due to varying climates and transportation conditions. Without insurance coverage, you would be responsible for the costs of dealing with mold and mildew damage to your belongings.


No Coverage in the Destination Country: If your destination country does not offer healthcare coverage to non-residents, and your home country’s insurance doesn’t extend coverage abroad, you may be left without any healthcare coverage during your stay.


Unexpected Events: Moving internationally exposes you to unforeseen events, such as accidents, natural disasters, or other emergencies. Without insurance, you would have no financial protection against such occurrences, potentially leaving you in a difficult situation.


It’s important to note that not all insurance policies are the same. When selecting insurance for your international move, carefully review the policy to ensure it provides adequate coverage for your specific needs. By having the right insurance in place, you can mitigate these risks and have peace of mind during your international relocation.


In conclusion, prioritizing the safety of your belongings and ensuring a smooth international move should take precedence over choosing the cheapest option available. Conduct thorough research, look for reputable moving companies, and consider the risks involved in not having proper insurance coverage. Investing in a reliable and licensed moving company and securing appropriate insurance will provide you with peace of mind and protect your interests throughout the moving process.

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