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Best shipping service when moving from San Francisco

Moving from one place to another can be hectic in terms of packing your stuff to finding ways to carry it to the destination place without being damaged. If you have an international moving to do, your concern will be to find the best shipping service facility that can transfer your goods from one place to another without losing or damaging them. Let’s see how you can do it.

How to find the best shipping service

1.     Start Sorting your Stuff

Since international shipping is quiet expensive, you first need to do your own part by keeping only that stuff which you think is important and you will use in your new home. Throw the other stuff away or sell them if it is useless for you to carry. This way you can cut down on the expense of your shipment charges as you will be carrying less weight.

2.     References

Once you are done with sorting your stuff out, start finding out what international movers in San Francisco are best for you for moving. What you can do is that start taking references from the people who know about the country you are going to move into. Start searching by:

  • Find and talk to the embassy located near you of the country you are destined to go.
  • The HR department of the company you are working in, especially if they have a branch in the place of your destination.
  • You can also try to chat with different groups of people living in the destination country who already moved from the same country you are currently living in.

3.     Price Quotes

Find the best international removal companies. Gather a few names for providing the best service of international shipping and start analyzing them carefully. Start comparing different companies that are taking care of international moving and get all the possible information about the shipping charges that each company offer.

4.     Visual Surveys

Since you have already kept the extra stuff aside that you won’t take with yourself, contact the shipping companies, as much as you can, that are seem to be the best for you and ask them for rough estimate and survey the goods It’s important to get accurate quote of the stuff you are want to take on the basis of the volume of your things. You have to make sure to be honest: you have to show the whole amount of things and stuff you want to take with you to the surveyor, try getting all the shipping companies for the survey in close but different times and also get a copy of the survey sheet in written form and review it.

5.     Check the Quotes

Once you have the quotes in your hands, see them. But keep in mind these are not the final costs. Read the terms and conditions and then add up all the costs to the quote the surveyor has given you otherwise you will be surprised to see the extra hidden charges.

6.     Insurance

Make sure your goods are insured otherwise you will not be able to claim your goods if something happen to them. Keep in mind:  the cost of the insurance is usually not included in the estimate quote.

Just make sure you have got all the information about the hidden charges right and then you are good to go in choosing the best shipping company for you.

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