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Best Cities to Visit in Italy

Italy boasts a rich history and incredibly hospitable people to match.  Famous for its exquisite cuisine, fine wine, high fashion, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, Italy never fails to impress.  Together with neighbor Greece, Italy forms the “cradle of Western Civilization”, where some of the world’s greatest thinkers, artists, scientists, writers, and politicians originated.  Whether you are International moving to Italy or just visiting, consider these spending time in one of these three marvelous cities.


The capital of Italy and one of the oldest world cities, Rome is a truly magnificent place.  Over 2,500 years old, Rome is a mixture of the old and new.  Don’t miss the Colosseo District, featuring the world-renowned Colosseum.  During its peak operation in the second and third century, the Colosseum was capable of holding 50,000 spectators that entered through 80 different entrances.   Don’t miss the Vatican City, featuring St. Peter’s Basilica, Apostolic Palace, and the Sistine Chapel.


A magical city, Venice was built on a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.  Venice is an archipelago of 118 islands connected by a system of bridges and canals.  One of the most popular things to do is take a gondola ride down the Grand Canal.  Do it in the evening with a date and it is one of the most romantic things two people can do together in the world.


Some describe Florence as a living museum due to its extensive art and architectural treasures scattered throughout the city.  Opera was invented here, along with the propagation of many great artists, inventors, scientists, and writers.  Notable landmarks include Santa Maria del Fiore, Ufizzi, Pitti Palace, Head of Medusa, the Statue of David, and the Fountain of Neptune.

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