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Best Cities in France to Visit

If you’re moving to France, then you have so many cities to choose from. From the countryside escapes to bustling urban zones, every city has something to offer depending on your personality. Of course the most popular city tends to Paris, but that isn’t the only place in France you should put on your cultural radar. In order to truly experience all that France has to offer, you should visit the best cities in the country.

So how are the best cities in France picked? Well, it all comes down to transportation, culture, history, and the overall atmosphere. Each of the following cities have something special that makes them the best cities in France.

Best 5 Cities in France to Visit

  1. Paris – This city is a haven for lovers of romance, art, cuisine, and sight seeing.  Of course, Paris is also home to the Louvre, one of the finest museums in the world!
  2. Bourdeaux –  Do you want to taste the best wine in the world? Then Bourdeaux is the place to be. This city is known for making some of the best wine in the world and you can immerse yourself in fine wine, cuisine, and rich culture.
  3. Marseille – You can get to this city by train, but for a more engaging experience spend time walking throughout the eclectic streets. If you want culture galore and a unique atmosphere surrounded by museums, then this is the place to be!
  4. Cannes – For luxury shops, the fine cuisine, and great films, then Cannes is the place to be. Whether you decide to visit during the Cannes Film Festival or off season, this city is a luxury getaway in the French Riveria that is an absolute must-see.
  5. Lyon – If you want to have access to water sports, beaches, and great seafood, then Lyon is a city you must visit! Lyon is known for it’s cuisine, and it’s also the silk capital of the world. Pretty cool, right?
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