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Best California International Movers

If you are planning to move from California to any other location across the globe, you have a lot of things on your plate. Before selecting any international mover, you need to know about various factors and key points about the international mover for the removal. 

From the mode of transport to pricing, shipping time, and other important policies, you need to have a check on every important aspect to get the best deal. You don’t have to worry about doing the research as we have already done it for you. 

When you move internationally you ship a lot of items including your clothes, electronics, furniture, and more. Choose a professional international mover like SDC who quickly guides you to make the entire removal process easier with an instant free quote.

Once you have the free quote for international shipping, you can easily plan what items to ship and what to sell before leaving the country. The first thing you need to do while moving from California is to get a free quote. We have made the process quite easier for you. Fill the free shipping form on the website or directly call for an accurate price quote.

One thing you need to keep in mind while making a list of items is to check things on the other country’s customs website. There may be chances that some items you are carrying are liable for high tax and you can save that money by purchasing a new item there. 

Best California International Movers

California International Moving Services

Many of the shipping companies like us offer packaging options when you sign a contract. So, if you need packaging assistance, you just need to let us know and our team will take care of it.

Once you prepare your list of household items you want to ship, it’s time to pack all the items one day prior to the shipping date to avoid any hassle. If you are moving heavy items like a wardrobe or dining table, professional movers like us will help you in packing those items by de-assembling them for safer shipping. 

But, you don’t have to worry about it, our movers will re-assemble it at your doorstep once you reach your destination. Clearing of empty boxes or spare parts that were used during the shipping is also included in our service. 

If you are planning to ship your car from California to another nation which also has a right-side driving style, there will be no problem in shipping them. But, if you are going to a country which has a left-hand driving style, it might become very difficult to ship and the guidelines change completely. You need to confirm about car shipping through their customs website to know if it’s allowed or not. 

On the other hand, if you own a motorcycle, the rules are slightly different for it. Most of the countries allow you to ship your motorbike but you need to have all official papers and license with you. So, if you own a car or a motorbike, we recommend you check on the customs website or contact us for more information. We ship vehicles following international safety standards. 

How Much Does an International Moving from California Cost?

The cost of an international moving from California depends on how much and what you are carrying with you. There are certain factors that affect the final shipping cost. Factors include the size of the move, destination, services you have taken; if you are carrying something special like an antique item that comes under the fragile category, and more.

Another factor that decides the cost is the size of the container you are opting for. The sizes of the container start from 100 cubic feet, and it can go up to 2200 or 2450 cubic feet. Depending on the goods you are carrying, the cost is calculated. SDC International Shipping helps you save costs by choosing the right container that ships all the goods seamlessly.  

If you also need a warehouse facility to store the goods upon arrival, you need to pay extra charges for that also. If you are sending your goods earlier than your flight, you also have to calculate the warehouse charges. Get in touch with us if you need a storage facility so that we can quickly find the right and affordable option for you. 

The overall cost is calculated by considering these above factors. If you need to know the exact international California moving cost, fill the free moving quote or contact us directly. Our team will assist you with a quick and accurate shipping quote. 

Moving from California Shipping Options— By Air or Sea?

Moving from California to an international destination comes with two basic options which include, shipping through sea or by air. Both options are popular among travelers and you need to make a decision considering many factors.

The first factor that differentiates these two options is the price. Shipping through the air is more expensive than of the sea. This is because airlines cost you on the basis of the weight and size of the goods. This makes the air shipping more expensive. When you ship goods by sea, you are charged size and the capacity of the container and not the goods you are shipping. For example, if you are shipping your household items through only one container, you need to pay only for that. 

The second factor is the speed of shipping. We often thought that air shipping would be faster than the sea but it’s not true all the time. Every country has its regulations and the delivery also depends on the number of transit points and the number of destinations. We highly recommend you always choose the sea shipping options as it’s slow but it’s less expensive and gives you a lot of time in the entire relocation process.  

As your destination is a new place for you, when you ship through the sea, you get enough time to manage things without any kind of pressure. We ship your goods to your respective destinations so you don’t need to rush for arranging additional transportation arrangements to ship items from port to your house.

California Movers Checklist— Things you need to check before you leave

Before you move to another country from California, keep these important points in mind to save more time in the entire process:

Make sure you have all the documents ready in advance. Check visa, ensure your passport has enough pages, bank documents, NOC certificates if needed, and job offer letter if you are going for a job. Prepare at least three copies of all the documents you are carrying and keep them handy.

If any of your family members are eligible for a special visa or have some medical condition, make sure you have the correct and updated papers. Create a separate pouch or a file to keep these documents accessible.

Before packing heavy electronic items, we recommend you to check the voltage rate of that country. For example, Australia has a voltage rate of 230V whereas, the US has 120V. In this condition, the heavy appliances won’t work there without a stabilizer. So, before you pack, make sure to check this and also visit their customs website to check if any item is prohibited.

While carrying things like alcohol, cigarette, or other similar items, it’s important to know the allowed shipping limits. All countries have different permitted limits and also levy heavy fines when you carry in excess. 

If you want to ship your pet to another country, you need to apply in advance for this. All the countries have different guidelines and certifications for shipping a pet. There are many countries that won’t allow you to ship pets. It’s better to check that country’s customs website to check the legal procedure of shipping. 

Why should you move with SDC

SDC International is among the best moving companies in the world that brings in hassle-free international shipping across the globe. SDC offers fast and fast-moving services from the US to any desired location. We have highly trained professionals that take care of every shipping process. Our team follows high-level safety standards to ship your belongings with ease. 

We offer shipping services for both household and commercial purposes by air and sea. From household items to vehicles and custom-shape goods shipping, we have got you covered. Get affordable shipping services from SDC that offers door-to-door delivery services with a quick turnaround. Get a safe warehouse facility with a real-time tracking facility to ensure pressure-free shipping.

If you need a faster shipping option from California, we can ship your goods through air freight to the respective destination. We are a fully licensed company with thousands of successful international projects.  

Get a free shipping quote for international moving services from California all around the world. SDC provides professional door-to-door shipping facilities that help you ship better and safer. Drop us a message using the contact form and we will get back to you immediately. 

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