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International Moving Company to Brazil

Published on Jul 16, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

International Moving Company to Brazil — Specializing in the relocation and shipment of household goods, personal effects, and commercial goods with International Movers to Brazil.

SDC International Shipping is an international moving company to Brazil. We have relocated thousands of families to locations throughout Brazil and look forward to serving you.

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01 | International Household Moving to Brazil
02 | International Car Shipping to Brazil
03 | Brazilian Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Brazil Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

International Household Moving to Brazil

Brazil is a popular destination for Americans who want to relocate to South America. We help families relocate every year. Home to the Amazon, national parks that feature some of the world’s most awesome sites, the real Carnival, and legendary long and wide beaches, Brazil has something to offer everyone.

It is an attractive retirement relocation destination, as the country’s financial demands from retirees are not great, and the cost of living is reasonable. Unlike most countries, Americans living in Brazil are allowed to work and enjoy the same access to public services, including healthcare that all Brazilians enjoy. A word of caution: Portuguese is necessary.

SDC International Shipping knows how to get your household to your new Brazilian home intact. Shipments can be sent to locations throughout the country.

When considering your international household moving to Brazil, you will need to decide what to take with you and leave in the United States. In general, most Brazilian dwellings will be smaller than the typical American house sizes, especially if you will be in one of the big cities like Sao Paulo, living in the luxury towers.

We hope that you have visited Brazil many times before deciding to relocate there. We always suggest an additional trip to your destination before moving. If you don’t have a dwelling yet, meet with real estate agents and review typical homes. Even if you don’t sign a rental or purchase contract, visiting will help you understand Brazilian housing.

Bring enough furniture for your house. We will take good care of your tables and bedroom furniture, making sure to properly take apart pieces that are often damaged during the shipping process. These pieces get wrapped by our movers with appropriate packaging materials like cardboard padding, bubble wrap, and shipping blankets.

American major appliances won’t work in Brazil; you need to leave those behind. Brazil has its own electricity sockets not used anywhere else. To really confuse you, they don’t even have the same electrical current throughout the country. We recommend that you go ahead and purchase now from a site like Aliexpress or Amazon “electrical adapter for Brazil.” These will work for most of your small electronics. These should come with you to your new home. Brazil does not limit equipment brought in. Check the label on your appliance; if it is written “input: 100-240V,” as is common on most modern electronics, it will be fine.

Most of Brazil has a warm, pleasant climate. Of course, areas in the north experience considerable rainfall. You might not need winter gear, but you might want to double up on rain gear if moving to cities like Belem. In general, you will want to bring along a lot of your warm month things, from clothing to bedding.

Do you like cycling? Whether on the beaches or in the mountains, there are plenty of places for bikes in Brazil, so you should put yours in your shipping container.

International Car Shipping to Brazil

We do not recommend shipping automobiles to Brazil. It is not prohibited, but it is very costly, and there is no tax holiday for the import of cars. In general, Brazil only allows for the import of new cars, and they must receive prior approval before. This is also true of motorcycles.

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Brazilian Customs and Regulations

Do not use any “new” wood, like that used in pallets; all wood must be treated and marked conforming to ISPM 15 rules and have a fumigation certificate. If you are sending any fragile or odd-sized items that require crating for protection, let us crate them for you. We use wood that conforms to these rules and attach a certificate to the shipment documents.

Returning Brazilian citizens who have lived abroad for at least 1 year are allowed to send a shipment of used goods to the country without paying customs.

Brazil does not prohibit the import of electronics, appliances, and computers, but you can only send one of each type. You can send one computer, one monitor, one TV, etc. You can probably also bring some with you on the plane if necessary.

Are you bringing a pet? Rabies vaccination is mandatory for this. Your animal should be examined and an APHIS health certificate issued within 10 days of your departure from the USA. If your loved ones plan on giving you a puppy as a going away gift, make sure that it is immunized at least 30 days before travel.

Moving to Brazil Checklist

Are you ready to move to Brazil? We’re excited for you. Some things on the checklist:

  • Contract SDC International Shipping to relocate you to Brazil.
  • You will need to send a “Comprehensive Valued Inventory” in Portuguese. When our movers come to pick up your belongings, they will prepare a moving inventory. Translate this into Portuguese, and use US$ for the valuation. If you are sending any new items, they should be listed separately.
  • You must bring the birth certificates of all of your family members moving with you. You will need to show them to the Brazilian Federal Police.
  • If you are a returning Brazilian citizen, you must visit the closest Brazilian consulate and obtain a proof of residence abroad document. You will need to send notarized copies of your ID card and Procuracao Publica (two copies to be notarized).
  • Not all Brazilian doctors speak English. If you or someone moving with you has a medical condition or disease, we highly recommend that you find a native Portuguese speaking medical translator to summarize your medical documents for you.
  • Brazil offers universal medical care. If you are moving with a valid long term residence visa or are a returning citizen, you will be eligible for this. Many of our clients prefer to use complimentary private medical services. Look into this.
  • Check the CDC vaccination recommendations for Brazil. Please note that Yellow Fever is recommended and most Americans don’t have this, see the link on the CDC page for how to get this.

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International Shipping Options

We have moved many clients to Brazil. The logistics are not simple, and we do not recommend that clients send less than full container load (LCL) shipments there. There are notorious problems with demands for excess deconsolidation charges and expensive mandatory inspections. For most locations in the world, SDC International Shipping will do LCL door-to-door shipments starting from 100 cubic feet. Because of the unexpected costs that we are unable to account for or promise to you, our client, we are unable to offer this option for Brazil.

Smaller shipments should consider air cargo. These appear to be more expensive but will not have the unexpected costs that will accompany LCL shipments.

Full container load (FCL) shipments do not typically encounter problems, so long as you have all of the proper paperwork done and are eligible for customs free import of your container, you should be able to import your container with little difficulty.

Most of our clients relocating to Brazil choose to send 20’ containers. These containers can hold about 1100 cubic feet of cargo space or about the contents of a typical 3 bedroom home. Most Brazilian homes will not be able to accommodate more than this. While 40’ containers are available, we have not sent many of these and think that they will be unnecessary for most clients.

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