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5 Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Traveling_AloneBeing an independent woman is a great thing and sometimes you need to travel to find your independent spirit! The only problem is you may leave with a little too much confidence, finding yourself in some sticky situations. Of course woman are bold, beautiful, courageous and can do anything man can, but traveling alone as a woman can come with some repercussions. Let’s explore some tips to staying safe while traveling abroad.

1. Understand the Risks Involved

Before heading off to explore Europe, Asia or any other country of your choosing, it is advised to take a risk assessment. By doing this you can inform yourself of the country you are seeking to venture off to. Find out information about the following:

• Local Laws
• Customs
• Cultural Norms
• Safety and Security
• Health Risks
• Economic Environment

Use sources such as magazines, newspapers, newsletters and of course, a reputable website. Perhaps one country allows bikinis, but other countries could be much more conservative. Be sure to delve into the country’s regulations before catching yourself in danger.

Traveling_Alone2. Try Not to Overpack

Women are known to overpack. Can you blame us? I mean we have curling irons, flat irons, makeup, dresses, heels and more. If anything I’d call that being prepared. However, when you are lugging around more than just the essentials, you are more susceptible to theft. If possible, carry your backpack in front of you and only carry lightweight items.

3. Lodge Somewhere Safe

Absolutely make sure to plan your accommodations prior to travel. This saves you the despair of searching high and low at night. Check for small issues with the room such as holes in the doors or walls for peeping Toms. Do you have an over eerie feeling? Most importantly, the door should lock. If they offer you a discount for anything damaged or unsafe, do not take the offer. It’s better to pay a little more for extra protection.

4. Dealing with Sexual Harassment

This is something you aren’t going to want to think about, but unfortunately it’s a necessity. You cannot trust everyone, regardless of how nice they are. Remember, you are in a new country and when a stranger sees a woman alone, he may get the wrong impression. Follow these helpful tips to avoid creepy strangers:

Be Confident: Always keep your composure and pretend you know where you are going…even if you don’t.
Wear Sunglasses: If you have eye contact with a man he could possibly think this is an open invitation to talk.
Mimic the Local Women: Take a look at the locals’ clothing. Are they dressed in mini skirts? Hanging around the coffee shop? You can gain a clearer understanding of what is acceptable and what isn’t.
Wear a Wedding Ring: There’s no need to go out and spend thousands to pretend like you are married. Rather, throw on some costume jewelry so people think you are engaged. This way, you can avoid a shady man walking over to you.

5. Check on Your Health Before Leaving

Common medications and feminine products may be at your fingertips in America, but not overseas. If you need feminine napkins, bring extra with you because they may not be downstairs in the hotel lobby for easy purchasing. Who knows how far convenience stores are and what they carry? For those wearing contacts, bring your glasses for backup or extra contacts in case either get damaged. Stock up on water to help get rid of a urinary tract infection which is common in woman and can be easily avoided. Simple items like cough drops and tissues shouldn’t be ignored either in case you feel under the weather.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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