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5 Tips to Adapt to a New Country

traveling conceptMoving to a new country can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, leaving you with a swirl of emotions. Learning to adapt poses as a major challenge. Culture shock can hit you a long with language barriers, exotic cultures and an all-around different way of life.

Do Not Jump to Conclusions

Many people assume right from the get-go and that can set in some major anxieties. You may have heard many of your friends traveled abroad to a country but was it permanent? It’s much easier to insert yourself into a new country when you know you will soon be leaving. If you believe that everything will be a piece of cake but then it turns out things were much different, you could slip into a fit of hopelessness. Keep an open mind and never assume that you know everything about the country.

Prepare for a Bit of Discomfort

This is definitely something you may not want to hear but it is always best to be fully prepared. Of course you will experience a bit of discomfort and that is completely natural. When you feel this way, understand that you are not alone. There are thousands of travelers that are in the exact same boat as you. Knowing that you may feel discomfort, could actually make the transition much easier.

Stay Connected at Home

If you are nervous during the beginning of your stay at a new country, try to stay connected to friends and family. Whether it’s email, phone or social media you will absolutely feel a sense of community. The feeling of loneliness will soon vanish as you are expressing your feelings more and more. Additionally, soon enough you will be making friends with others while abroad so it will be good to keep solid connections with loved ones.

Accept What is Different

You already know there is going to be an array of differences when it comes to moving overseas. So, be humble and enjoy those unique little quirks. Just because things are different does not make them bad. It can definitely be exhausting to adapt to the way people drive, talk, food, music etc. but that is the beauty of moving abroad!

Develop a Daily Routine

Find favorite coffee shops or little restaurants so you have something familiar to hold on to. Maintain a schedule so things don’t feel out of place. It’s best to get into a routine so you feel like you have a sense of control in your new country.

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