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5 Tips on How to Move to Holland

Sometimes life takes you in unexpected roads. You usually don’t grow up dreaming about moving to Holland, but for those several special few, this dream becomes reality. And if you’re among those special people who are about to go through relocation process to Holland, this article is for you! There are surely many things to take care of as part of an international relocation and here we will talk about 5 main things you should do in order to experience a relaxed and organized process.

Applying for Visa

Applying for visa to the Netherland is one of the first things to do, simply due to the fact that should you fail to get it, you won’t be able to move and live there. Notice that each member of your family moving with you must have a visa. You can choose the kind of visa you want, the long term visa which is called an MVV visa or you can apply for the short-term visa, which is only valid for 3 months.

Learn the Local Language

As opposed to the visa matter, learning the local language, which is of course Dutch, is not something you must do, as most of the residents of Holland do speak English. But learning the local language, or even only its basics, will allow you to better communicate and get familiar with the Dutch – from the locals’ point of view it is nicer when someone makes the effort to speak their language.

Hire a Moving Company

As part of an international relocation to Holland, you’ll need the services of an international shipping company – so you’ll be able to send everything you want to your new country. When considering different moving companies, keep in mind two main things – make sure you hire only professionals for the job and make sure they are available on the date of your move.

Find a Place to Live in Holland

Be sure to check out residence options before you leave to Holland – you can do so online, but make the decision only upon getting to Holland and checking the place for yourself.

Get a Job

Once in Holland look for a job that will be convenient for you but will still pay enough. If you’ll take the time to learn the locals’ language, like we recommend, it will allow you more employment opportunities, so keep that in mind!

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