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5 Things You Should Do Before Moving to England

Moving to Great Britain? Fantastic! Whether you are a tourist, a student, or coming to work in London, you have to be prepared for the fast approaching flight and for the entire move. Here is a list of the 5 most important things you should do before moving to England.


First check that your passport is valid. If it is not valid make sure to apply for a new one immediately, and at least two months prior to your flight. Next, make sure your visa is approved and suits the purpose of your relocation. If you’re a student your school of choice will help with processing your visa and if you’re coming to work in the U.K your workplace should be in charge of the process. However, you should nevertheless make sure it’s approved before the flight. For travelers from certain countries like the U.S your passport is essentially your visa for 6 months, while travelers from other countries have to apply for a visa well before the flight.


Moving to England will probably not require you to get special immunizations other than a tetanus shot in some cases. Besides that, you should check if a physical examination is required and check in with your doctor for precautionary instructions. Make sure to acquire travel or health insurance if you`re not eligible for a British coverage plan to take care of any medical and dental cost, luggage loss, or any other potential incident.


Notify your bank back home about your relocation clarifying your absence, and collect your banking information to present to UK immigration assuring you can pay for your visit if not allowed to work in the UK.

Packing and flight:

Packing is tricky and depends on the duration of your stay in the UK. Keep in mind you will want to travel with the least luggage possible and sorting through your items is important. Accordingly, renting a storage unit and selling items you no longer need should be considered as well as hiring a good moving company to England if necessary. For your flight, it is recommended to book in advance and avoid popular dates to receive the lowest fares and best conditions possible.


Make sure you have sufficient contact means in the UK, such as a British SIM card. Regarding mail, you will want to notify the post office of your leave and set a forwarding mailbox. If this seems too complicated you can always ask a relative to send your mail to their address temporarily. Finally announce on social media to let your contacts know you’re leaving and maybe receive advice or even create new opportunities through mutual friends.

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