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5 Great Places to Retire Abroad

MexicoMoveYou have spent a majority of your life getting your hands dirty, banging on a keyboard, filing papers, all so you could get to this point. Now that you are here, the options are endless and perhaps too plentiful. Retirement is an exciting and rewarding time that may lead to some confusion, but in a good way. Let’s explore some options, shall we? Before flying out to that tropical island you’ve always dreamt about, consider the prices, age range of residents and a slew of other factors.

Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires

Looking for fun in the sun? Than look no further than Buenos Aires, Argentina. After an economic decline in 2002, the cost of living dropped drastically. Along with opera houses and restaurants, this laid-back city is filled with culture and cheap apartments. Furnished apartments in Buenos Aires can be found at around $2,000 a month, not a bad deal.

Believe in Belize

You better believe that Corozal, Belize is a hit with retirees. The official language is English, making this an attractive spot for Americans. The American dollar is accepted in most places and the Qualified Retired Persons program allows outside retirees a high chance for residency. Did I mention that Corozal is filled with green flora, bright white beaches and a picturesque Caribbean sea?

Get Central in Central Valley, Costa Rica

Costa Rica alone has a lot of wildlife to explore, parks, beaches, volcanoes and more. Retirees seek out Central Valley for the mild climate, social culture and affordability. The resident population is extremely approachable and while the cost of living has risen, there are still many areas that offer reasonable pricing.

Learn the Language of Love in Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Paris has always been a popular choice for those visiting overseas but dig a little deeper and you’ll find the romantic city of Languedoc-Roussillon. This area is covered in castles, medieval towns, exciting festivals and museums. Along the Mediterranean you will discover the scenic routes and a three-hour high-speed train from Paris.

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Have Some Spaghetti in Italy…Forever

Le Marche is Italy’s hidden gem! Tucked away between the Adriatic Sea and Apennine Mountains, Le Marche has been an impressive location for residence in Italy and tourists. Renaissance architecture and medieval history have made Le Marche and attractive destination. At about $20,000 a year, this is an extremely affordable location.

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