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Moving to a new country can be a wonderful experience, especially if that country is Holland. Holland is a great place to study and live in, and is one of the popular destinations among expats. If you are planning on moving to Holland, can help you with your moving.

Moving to Holland?

Holland is one of those foreign countries where you will remotely feel like an outsider as most of the inhabitants speak and understand English. There’s no wonder why many Americans choose to relocate to Holland! In a recent survey by a Dutch news agency 84% of expats rate their life in the Netherlands as good to great. Netharland also scores high in International Student Satisfaction awards.

One of the best pros of moving to Holland is that the accommodations are generally of a high standard and most apartments feel spacious with large windows and high ceilings. It would make more sense to live within the city where the amenities are easy to find. The people in Holland are very friendly and employers, employees and people of all ages socialise freely. You will have a great social life in Holland, with numerous music festivals as well as cultural festivals are held throughout the year. It makes sense to move to Holland as a fast paced social life will cost less than that in America or any other European countries.

Moving to Holland

Holland is one of the safest countries in all of Europe. With their lower than average crime rates, you will feel secure and most crowds, even the large football fans, are family friendly. Police are there to assist in any emergencies, but they are hardly required. If you are environment friendly person, you will like it a lot more when you move to Holland, because Holland is the bicycle capital of the world. The health service in the Netherlands is efficient, waiting times are usually short, and prescriptions can be ordered via telephone and collected the same day.

Relocating to Holland? Let us take care of everything!

If you are moving to Holland because of work, you will never want to leave because of the 30 percent tax-free allowance available to people moving to Holland for work. While in Netherlands you can visit the village of Giethoorn, in the province of Overijssel, does not have any roads. All transport is done by water over one of the many canals. It is known as the “Venice of the Netherlands”. You can also move in there for a quiet retired life if you want. Sdc International Shipping can handle all of your shipping needs when you move to Holland.

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