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Adapting to a New Culture – Moving Overseas

Published August 7, 2017 in category: International Movers.

Moving overseas to a new country can be exciting as the possibilities may seem endless. New food, new sights, new habits, new everything, basically boil down to the chance to get to know a new different culture. But while this may seem exciting, reality can be a little bit more difficult than what we had in mind before moving. At the beginning, we may find ourselves struggling with understanding the local language, which is never easy, among other things.

What can we do in order to make sure we will be able to adapt more easily to the new place? We’ve gathered some tips from our moving experts.

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Do Some Research Before You Move

One of the things you can do to help you and your family adapt more successfully to the new culture, is to search for some information on the internet or through friends to find out more about the place you’re about to move to. That way you can gather some basic knowledge about the new place and be more prepared to the moving process. Also, if you are moving with children, it can be a fun activity to make them more enthusiastic about the move and reduce any stress and anxiety they may have about moving to another country. Try playing Trivia-like games about your new destination, for example.

Don’t Jump Ahead

There can be a certain amount of eagerness when it comes to our desire to fit in while moving to a new place. We want to feel at home as soon as we get there and we may go too far with our own desire which can lead to some unpleasant and embarrassing situations, we would probably prefer to avoid. So, what can we do to prevent this from happening? We can try to observe our surroundings and better understand the new culture before we try to fit in.

Adapting in Three Stages

There are three stages of adapting to a new country and culture while moving – “The Honeymoon”, when you find yourself excited and thrilled about the new location, “The Rejection”, when you begin missing home and the things that you’ve left behind, and “The Recovery”, when you finally start feeling more at home in your new location. Becoming more aware of theses stages, especially the rejection stage, can help you pass them and adapt more quickly to the new country.

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