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SDC International Moving Company

SDC International Shipping provides stress-free global moving with competitive pricing and rapid response times. We are more than just your typical international moving company. Our team has extensive training, in-depth background checks, years of experience, professionalism and a multitude of other top-notch qualities.

Should I Ship by Air or Sea?

When working with SDC International Shipping, you can quickly ship with both air and sea freight. Team up with our international moving company to experience a wide range of shipping options including both air and sea freight. Each service safely delivers your goods but offers a different cost and rate of transport.

What Exactly is Air Freight Shipping?

SDC International Shipping | 3D GlobeAir freight shipping is the quickest and most reliable way to transport goods, along with being the most popular shipping method at SDC International Shipping. Our air freight services can deliver your household items or just a few belongings, anywhere in the world. Although a bit more expensive than sea freight, this is our most popular service as it only takes a few days to deliver. We offer 24/7 shipment tracking so there are no surprises. If you are making a permanent move and need to ship over fragile artwork or heirlooms, this is the best method to take advantage of.

Why Use Sea Freight?

You should use the sea freight shipping at SDC International Shipping because we can move goods cheap and in bulk. With this process, our professional movers will pack your belongings, put them on the ship and drop off at your new location. Sea freight shipping takes a few weeks but if you have the time, this is a safe and cheaper option.

Are there other Shipping Methods?

There are plenty of other shipping methods to choose from with SDC International Shipping. Perhaps you are curious about shipping your car to the U.K. or maybe you have oversize freight that won’t fit on the plane. SDC International Shipping has all the bases covered. Our renowned Ro-Ro Shipping will gently wheel your automobile onto our ship and transport it overseas. If you are having difficulty fitting your belongings into a standard moving box, let our professional movers provide you with our oversize freight options. Items such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, and jet skis are often transported with our oversized freight methods.

Will SDC International Shipping Help Me with Packing?

SDC International Shipping | Stack of BoxesA professional mover from SDC International Moving will gladly help with packing. We understand that packing can be time consuming and quite exhausting, which is why we want to make the process as simple as possible. Our movers can gently pack your belongings and keep all items intact. You can sit back and relax while the team at SDC International Shipping moves your entire household. If items do not fit in our standard boxes we can design durable custom crates.

Can You Provide Me with Storage Options?

SDC International Shipping provides our clients with highly monitored storage facilities. Many of our customers are in-between homes when moving abroad which can be challenging when it comes to storing your belongings. Luckily, SDC International Shipping offers fully secured and monitored storage warehouses where your goods remain safe. All of our facilities have 24/7 security, inspections and are climate controlled. When you are ready to move, we will ship your goods immediately.

Why Work with SDC International Shipping?

Work with SDC International Shipping because the staff has years of experience moving families and individuals all over the globe. We handle everything from customs clearance to helping gather passports and various documents. A moving coordinator will work with you every step of the way while we can assist with creating a moving checklist. When working with SDC International Shipping, we never miss a step.

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